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HUSQVARNA HU800H 3.5 5 13 13
Outstanding mower Too bad this is a continued item. I've had this for less than a year, used it multiple times with great results every time. My friends have complimented me the way my yard looked numerously. Only setback with this equipment is with the bag. Apparently, it doesn't seal very efficiently no matter how much grass you have in it. It leaves a trail whenever I use it. I also recommend using gloves when mowing. Unless you want callouses on your hand. July 30, 2014
Good product with one weakness Mower starts quickly; has strong Honda engine; decent bagging ability but falls short as a mulcher. Distributes clumps of grass regardless of all steps to deter. Only way to avoid is to bag. Wondering if the deck design at the rear hatch the cause. June 12, 2014
Mower good but has a few issues I use my mower as a mulching mower and it does not leave as clean looking yard as my two previous mowers. It says it picks up grass to cut it multiple times and just doesn't seem to push it down into the grass. Even if I cut it two times a week it still leaves grass across the mowing surface. I mow it on next to highest or highest setting. It is not bad but could look better. The speed handle is very firm and tires hand some after use. Power seems to be great and it doesn't bog down easily. I really like the one handle for mower height adjustment. I had Honda motor previously and really glad to get one this unit. This was main reason for going with this unit. Starts first or second pull every time. I use 89 octane with ethanol stabilizer. May 30, 2014
HU800 190 AWD Simply the best mower I have owned in 40+ years. Far meets expectations.. May 25, 2014
DO NOT BUY!!! I chose this mower because of the Honda engine (I'm a long-time Honda fan). Used it very sparingly the first summer and everything was great. Now beginning the 2nd year of use I can't get it to start. Have tried everything in the manual. Clearly the warranty is no help. Guess I will take it to a repair shop 30 miles away and wait days for an expensive repair. Should have bought the Toro from Home Depot with the "guarantee to start on first pull for 3 years." A lesson learned the hard way!!! April 13, 2014
Save your money and buy a real mower I bought this mower a couple of months ago and already it won't start. Pulled so much the pull rope now broke. This unit is a real waste of your money. I'm going to buy a real mower now, Lowe's can have this thing back.....Again dont even think abouit buying this unit even if it does have a Honda engine February 16, 2014
Most items with this mower are great! overall happy with the mower, the shorcomings are i am currently cutting my grass 3 times a week and have to keep on raising the setting due to shavings left as i mow, was hoping is mulched better and when i pull it backwards the front 2 wheels lock makig it impossible to pull it backwards towards yourself as the need arises August 30, 2013
I'll never purchase another Husqvarna product Go ahead, try and get something repaired. My mower wouldn't start in the 2nd year of ownership (brand new, used about 5 times the 1st year). Called Husqvarna, told take it to this repair shop, I pick it up ($82 bill), it struggles to start after bringing it home, I mow about 1/3 of an acre, the engine blows. Call Husqvarna, now I have to call Kohler (so if your handle breaks, I guess you have to call China to get that fixed), they send me to a different repair shop and proceed to argue with the shop saying it's not our fault. Long story short, I haven't seen my mower since May 28th (the anniversary of it's purchase the previous year). I also have a Husqvarna chainsaw which can't seem to stay in one piece for more than 15 minutes. August 1, 2013
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