The Husqvarna HU800AWD features All Wheel Drive which provides users with balance and power to all four wheels in hilly, uneven terrain and other tough mowing conditions. This rugged mower features a 22" heavy-duty steel deck and a powerful 190cc Honda engine. The AWD mower features a 3-in-1 cutting system allowing it to bag, mulch and side discharge, as well as a side bumper that doubles as a grass rake to pull in the grass for a clean trim. Also, it is equipped with a premium quick pin 4 point adjustment for level cutting height and a water hose connector for easy cleaning of the deck. With a premium comfort grip control bail and variable drive speed the operator is able to mow more comfortably and adjust the mowing speed according to the needs and condition of the lawn. Premium wheels with new rugged tread tires provide excellent traction without tearing the grass.

Honda, GCV190, 22 inch


$ 499.95

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Product reviews for HU800AWD

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Consistently leaves a trail of grass; After three mowings in medium length, dry grass, this mower consistently leaves a trail of grass on the right side. Even mowing half widths, along with the trail, the discharge chute clogs with the bag still half full. The manual says to mow in a clockwise pattern, but this isn't always possible. I ended up mowing 50% more of my lawn to pick up the grass left behind. I wish Husqvarna would address this defect with a new blade design or recall. June 16, 2013
smooth & powerful I can't believe it----I finally have a mower with the power and ease to climb all the banks and hills I have to mow!! I love the "start up" on one pull ( always ). Since I have arthritis in my hands, this makes it so much easier for me. Thanks for a great product. Pearl June 16, 2013
awsome It does every thing that the tv add show you it can do.The best mower I have ever owned, and I'm 65 yo. Thank you Husqvarna keep up the great work!! June 13, 2013
Love this mower, BUT!!! Purchased this mower 2 months ago, and absolutely love the power and the drive system! Starts everytime on the first pull, and I love the look and feel of the mower. That being said, I have two major issues with it: 1) Like MANY people on this site, I have a problem with the bagging system leaving a trail of grass on the discharge side of the mower. Very frustrating! 2) I already have a hole in my bag! It ripped where it is sewed to the plastic bottom. Very cheaply made, and I am NOT happy! I am hopeful the manufacturer will stand behind their product! June 13, 2013
I like this mower. I have a lawn care business and push mow about 10 yards. My old mower was starting to lose power so I thought I would try the AWD mower. Great purchase! One yard is extremely steep and it blows right thru it. As long as you are using the side discharge or mulching, I don't think you can beat it. Bagging is my only complaint. They only make a blade for all three type of mowing for now. This blade does not bag well! When bagging , it leaves a rib of grass on the discharge side and only fill the bag about half way. They need to design a high lift, bagging blade. Other than that, it works great! June 11, 2013
Thrilled to Own a HUSQVARNA ALL WHEEL DRIVE Previous reviews helped me to decide that this was the Lawnmower to me. I have over 1/2 an acre and most of the lawn is done by a rider, but I need a small mower for the wooded area and a fenced in area. Purchased and used it for the first this weekend and LOVED IT!!! Several points from other reviews that I would like to stress: 1. The wheels do lock up if you try and pull the mower back without rolling it a little forward out of drive first. NOT A BIG DEAL and was easy to get used to. See this as a AWD thing that is different than 2WD. 2. Mulching. Someone commented that the Mulching Plug in the Back Door is TOO SMALL and Grass gets trapped inside the door. This is VERY ACCURATE and HUSQVARNA should develop a fix to this problem so that owners can get this door retrofitted with a better plug that prevents this buildup. I cut my lawn twice a week so it is not too long and I had no clumps, but I can see where people complain about clumps of grass when they Mulch. THIS PLUG IS TOO SMALL!!! 3. Engine and Power. Started right up and was wonderful going up and down our back yard. The AWD is incredible and definitely a complete different feel from a front or back self propelled lawnmower. Hope Honda lives up to it's name in terms of durability. 4. Durability. I gave this mower a "Good" because it is Brand New and Time will tell how durable it is. All appears to be VERY WELL MADE and nothing appears to be "Cheap" 5. Value. Definitely worth the money and I looked at a lot before deciding. HUSQVARNA should solve the Mulching Plug problem and provide registered owners with the fix for it (at a nominal fee if any at all) This would show that they are customer focused and that alone would make me a HUSQVARNA Person for Life!!! June 9, 2013
one drawback I have a steep hill and the AWD works great. But... Controlling the ground speed by how much you squeeze the belt clutch handle is not ergonomic! And it leads one to suspect that the belt slipping will cause excessive wear of the belt' As it is for this 70 year old it is hard to keep up at full squeeze and it is difficult to adjust your squeeze while the mower is pulling away froim you. That's not the definition of ergonomic. June 5, 2013
Mixed feelings I like the honda engine although it sometimes backfires when it starts when warm. This mower will climb right out a ditch. Variable speed it nice, Cut quality is pretty good but sometimes misses a few blades. Mower is very hard to back up as the back wheels lock up sometimes. Wheel adjustments are a bear and should have been designed better. Discharge shoot is designed wrong as it concentrates all clippings to one line. I have to use a blower ALL THE TIME To blow off excess clippings. Mulcher leaves clumps. Awd and the honda engine are the best features I think some things have to be fixed for next years model. June 5, 2013
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