The Husqvarna HU800AWD features All Wheel Drive which provides users with balance and power to all four wheels in hilly, uneven terrain and other tough mowing conditions. This rugged mower features a 22" heavy-duty steel deck and a powerful 190cc Honda engine. The AWD mower features a 3-in-1 cutting system allowing it to bag, mulch and side discharge, as well as a side bumper that doubles as a grass rake to pull in the grass for a clean trim. Also, it is equipped with a premium quick pin 4 point adjustment for level cutting height and a water hose connector for easy cleaning of the deck. With a premium comfort grip control bail and variable drive speed the operator is able to mow more comfortably and adjust the mowing speed according to the needs and condition of the lawn. Premium wheels with new rugged tread tires provide excellent traction without tearing the grass.

Honda, GCV190, 22 inch


$ 499.95

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HU800AWD - Great On Hills - Love All The Cutting Options ! I LOVE THIS MOWER !! First Off I have over 2 acres I mow . 25% of the property is a extremly steep hill. I own a Husqvarna Lawn Tractor (YTH23V48) and it will not climb the hill the rear wheels will just peal out. If i mow it side ways the tractor would flip over NO JOKE. So the only way to cut this area is with a push mower or weed wacker which is not easy at ALL!!!. Until I found the Husqvarna AWD800 WOW!!!!!! This mower is a power house going up hill Its Sweet !!! I have used the mower over a dozen times with zero problems. Starts one pull everytime ! Someone said the mower loses power when the bag is full which i find hard to belive and if the bag is full maybe you should empty it ? Its not rocket science. Also Some People said when bagging the mower does not pick up all the grass? How about follow the directions and do not exceed the recommended cutting length or the mower will leave some minor grass behind. Once again read the instructions people !! and Do not cut wet grass !!!! Also the mulching optition is GREAT! I mulch my lawn every other cut. Never had one issue in mulching. It cuts the grass up very fine . Just dont mulch wet grass or to long of grass and it will perform excellent ! In my opinion this mower does require more maintenance than other mowers because of the four wheel drive system. After every 3rd to 5th cut I highly recommend taking the garden hose out with a spray nozzel and turn the mower on its side and spray out the grass caught in the pullys for the drive system. This takes a big 5 minutes to do. If you dont keep the pully system clean it can slip or not work correctly. Its not a big deal the 5 minutes of spraying out the pully system is worth it !! Yeah the mower is a bit pricey but the AWD is awesome. The mower may feel heavy to some people but maybe your just a wimp LOL ! Its AWD with a larger engine to turn the drive system so of course its going to be heavier than others. Like I said I Love this mower. Keep the drive system clean and it will perform !!!! July 28, 2013
Mixed feeling About this Mower Since I bought this mower, I have used it maybe a dozen or more times. It has been very reliable, starting on the first pull every time with no priming, etc., needed. The reason I bought it was because I have a lawn with some steep hills that needed the AWD. That works fine, but since the first time I used it, the back right wheel would not remain in its height setting. I had to adjust it repeatedly, obviously frustrating as I had to stop the mower each time and it added time to my mowing. I have tried all kinds of cheesy fixes but the wheel is now flopping around and I will have to replace. The power is great as it has cut every length lawn without a problem. I don't like the quality of the cut as it does not seem to be flat, nor does it have that "neat" look of a fresh cut lawn. not sure why. It looks almost a rounded on each pass possible an illusion cause by the wheel ruts. I see others have also mentioned the mulching problem. All in all it is a solid mower if not for the wheel problem, but for the price it could be better. July 25, 2013
AWSOME Mower - However! This mower has all the features you could ever ask for, a little high ended on the price, but then it has the HONDA motor. I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for one design flaw. When mulching, the rear hatch has a molded insert that is suppose to keep the grass in the blade area to be mulched. However, the insert molded into the rear hatch doesn't go in far enough to block the clippings. The end result is, you have to flip open the rear hatch door several times while mowing so it doesn't clog up and throw out clumps of grass that have accumulated in the area of the rear hatch door . The HONDA Models have a hard plastic sliding plate that prevents this from happening. Husqvarna needs to offer a replacement rear hatch cover to prevent the grass from building up under the deck. July 24, 2013
AWD is great, mowing quality not so great I bought this mower this spring for the AWD, and it has not disappointed in this area. It has disappointed, however, in mowing quality. Bagging is great, although the position of the bag when it is full makes it easy to kick with my toes as it bounces up and down. Mulching is terrible. It releases clumps of grass every 10 feet or so making it useless as a mulcher. My previous mower, a Honda, excelled at mulching and the finely chopped grass clippings enriched the soil and improved my lawn. Sad to say this is not possible with this mower. Husqvarna really needs to address this issue and this would truly be a great mower. July 22, 2013
not worth the money 1. Side discharge adapter is a joke 2. Poor mulching "clogs easy" 3. Loss of pulling power when bagger is full 4. Wheel adjustments hang up. This mower is not worth the price tag. It sucks. July 21, 2013
800AWD Starts first pull and it's not a hard pull. Just a little tug and it is up and running. Cuts great, pulls right along. Only thing I can say that I dislike is when using the all wheel drive you have to let off a little early and push the mower forward to get it to release the wheels so that you can pull it rearward. That is the only downside I have seen so far. The price is on the high side for a push mower. You can get a lower end rider for just a little more money, but I knew that going in and this is what I wanted. July 13, 2013
Best mower I have ever used!! I used the mower for the first time over the 4th of July weekend and must say this mower is awesome!! It started on the 1st pull and cut my tall grass with ease. I am not quite sure why some people complain that the mower won't pull back in reverse. I have no issues with that at all, the wheels have never locked up on me. I purchased this mower along with the 223L Trimmer and the 150BT Backpack Blower and they are all great products. Next spring I plan on buying a Husqvarna Zero-Turn mower. I did alot of research before choosing Husqvarna and I feel I made the right choice. July 10, 2013
Excellent Mower I have been very pleased with my mower. It has plenty of power and has no problem going up hills. Assembly was really easy and it started right up. July 9, 2013
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