The Husqvarna HU800AWD features All Wheel Drive which provides users with balance and power to all four wheels in hilly, uneven terrain and other tough mowing conditions. This rugged mower features a 22" heavy-duty steel deck and a powerful 190cc Honda engine. The AWD mower features a 3-in-1 cutting system allowing it to bag, mulch and side discharge, as well as a side bumper that doubles as a grass rake to pull in the grass for a clean trim. Also, it is equipped with a premium quick pin 4 point adjustment for level cutting height and a water hose connector for easy cleaning of the deck. With a premium comfort grip control bail and variable drive speed the operator is able to mow more comfortably and adjust the mowing speed according to the needs and condition of the lawn. Premium wheels with new rugged tread tires provide excellent traction without tearing the grass.

Honda, GCV190, 22 inch


$ 499.95

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Product reviews for HU800AWD

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Won't Start after warm This mower starts easily when cold. When you turn it off to empty grass or add fuel, it will not start again until the engine has cooled. Takes about an hour to cool. Takes all afternoon to completely mow my yard due to the wait time. August 26, 2014
Great mower Great mower. The only issue I had was with the little "ears" that keep the blade from "free spinning" on the shaft. For some reason all 5 broke away from the shaft and needed replacement. Warranty covered everything but the shipping for the parts. I purchased the mower after my in-laws purchased one and am happy with it. I would definitely recommend this mower. August 9, 2014
Good Product Pros: Starts first pull every time. All wheel drive will climb any hill. Rear bag has very good capacity. Very high quality cut. Cons: You have to tip lawn mower over to drain oil. Wider, heavier & less maneuverable than my old lawn mower. August 8, 2014
best lawn mower for hills We bought this lawnmower for the all wheel drive feature and it has proved to be a great mower for the sloped part of our front yard. My husband thought it sounded strange at first then read the directions and found out that it is sounding just like it is supposed too. Instructions are very clear and I would suggest reading them guys! August 4, 2014
This Mower Is Great and Has Lots of Power I love my Husqvarna AWD. I have fibromyalgia and have trouble mowing but this mower keeps my yard looking great. August 2, 2014
Nothing but problems When i took it out of the box it was broken. Contacted Lowes who came out the next day and picked it up and dropped off a new mower. Used it 3 times and then noticed a loud noise coming from the mower. Took it to a service center and was told that there is something wrong with the pulley system for the transmission. And while waiting for the parts to be delivered (which is apparently a problem with the warehouse) it is costing me money to have a company come out and mow my yard every week. I would not recommend this mower to anyone. July 12, 2014
Great Mower, would like more Honda Features. Like Sports Car it drives like a dream. Works incredibly well without issue. Love the engine and the blade cleaning system. Bag is also great and seems more rooming and less likely to clog that others. Like it A LOT better than Toros. Feels and seems reliable. Would like some other features of Honda Mowers like Smart Drive, Micro Cut Dual Blades, aRotoStop, and more importantly A Nexite Deck but of course those features on the Honda costs $300 more. This mower shower still has a good Warranty and I LOVE the easy, no pump, start; always starts right away. Also stops right away for safety. Would always recommend and love the AWD. July 9, 2014
Bad Design I have owned my AWD for a year and had I known that every other time I mowed my yard I was going to have the remove the top and bottom cover to clean the grass out I would not have purch the AWD mower. If you buy it from Lowes you better take out their warranty as you are going to need it if you use them to service you mower. If you don't clean the grass from around the gear box and pully assy you are going to be replacing the front gear box and pully trust me I know first hand. The manual doesn't tell you anything about cleaning the front area and to remove the covers to do so. Think twice before you buy this mower and if you do buy it from a Factory Husqvarna dealer. Paul Aruda July 2, 2014
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