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HUSQVARNA HU775BBC 3.3 5 61 61
Hard to Maneuver Difficult to steer around flower beds, trees, best on a long straight away. Side discharge is hard to attach and doesn’t stay on, very poorly designed side discharge. Mulching is only so-so, even when the grass is not too tall. Power difficult to apply, too fast or stopped. Handle design causes sore hands on large yard mows. Will not mulch tall grass, stalls out all the time. You really need a side discharge when the grass to too tall to mulch and this mower’s side discharge attachment is so poor you can’t use it. Really it’s just a mulch or a rear bagger mower. Keep shopping. May 12, 2013
Unhappy with new mower This was my first purchase of a Husqvarna product. This particular item was recommended by Lowes salesperson. When I got it home I have been throughly disappointed I have used it 5 times now and it still does not work well. My biggest problem is that it leaves a trail of grass on the right side of the mower. It doesn't matter whether the bag is full or empty. I have raised the height as recommended by Husqvarna still the same trail. Lowes won't take it back, Husqvarna won't take it back so I am stuck mowing my lawn over and over. On the good side I love the feature where the engine stays on to change the bag or move something, also the engine is the quietest lawnmower engine I have ever had. May 8, 2013
Like this mower Just got this mower last week... I really like it! May 5, 2013
Not a Trimming mower This is one husky Husqvarna. Great in open lawn but a bear to manuver around trees, etc. If you have a large lawn you may get some hand soreness from holding the speed handles down. Wish speed handles had a SET mode. Fortunately I have a smaller mower for trimming. Great cut, moves well, lots of power. Like the one lever height adjustment and brake clutch. May 2, 2013
Unbelievable product! I purchased this mower in November for my 2.5 acre yard. I was priced out of a rider but new I needed more than a push mower. I determined I would trust the makers of the best chainsaw I have ever owned for my lawn mower. Boy was that the right choice. The mulching deck makes the cut look amazing. Thicker grass is no problem the machine has plenty of power. Even thicker grass pop on the side discharge and this mower spits out grass with ease. My neighbor thought I was nuts for using a push mower for 2.5 acres and I admit its a lot of walking but everyone is surprised by this mowers capability to propel itself through grass at a good pace including up and down hills with ample traction. I recommend this to anyone who can't afford a rider or who needs a dedicated workout plan. Either way this machine has the capability for nearly any lawn. Also love the single deck hight adjustment knob. Drawback is that all this power and capability creates a lot of vibration stress on the hands. May 2, 2013
Worst mower I've ever owned... It's been to the shop four times for the same problem. In spite of numerous repairs, it only runs for an hour or so then won't start up again. As far as I'm concerned, this mower is no better than a boat anchor. I will never buy another Husquvarna product again. And on top off all that, the service the company provides is horrible. April 29, 2013
I did it again This is my second Husqvarna. I really enjoyed my first and it still ran good when I sold it,(good offer) I then bought a J.D. and then I learned why I should have kept my Husqvarna, sold the J.D.(ok offer). I purchased a new Husqvarna 775EX and its even better than the first. Love the easy wash fitting and the rear wheel drive gets on up the hill. PS starts really easy. April 28, 2013
Good Power, Poor maneuverability Mower starts nicely and has good power to pull up hills. However, it is "boxy" and is difficult to maneuver in tight spots. When I try to mow the edge of the curb lawn, the narrow tires do not grab the turf and start to spin. Also, in mulch mode, there is a Large clump of grass that gets stuck in the rear section under the mower. April 26, 2013
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