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HUSQVARNA HU775BBC 3.3 5 61 61
Worst Mowever I've ever Owned This mower is terrible and here is why. 1 It cannot mulch. It leaves clumps everywhere in the yard. I mow every 3 days, the blade is sharp, the grass isn't wet, and the grass is less t han one inch tall. I ran a test - I used my 9 year old troy bilt for half the yard and this mower for the other half. The 9 year old mower did a much better job mulching the same grass. If you don't believe me, buy the 2013 Consumer Reports lawn mower guide. ALL Husqvarnas were rated lower at mulching than any other brand. FYI this mower was rated the 19th best mower out there in 2013. But it doesnt stop at mulching. 2. This mower is also bad at bagging. When mowing tall grass - about 2 inches - it leaves a trail of cut grass along the right side of the mower. This is terrible - it leaves dead brown grass in streaks across the yard! I've never seen a mower do this no matter how tall the grass. The self propel controls are very hard to use - my hands get very sore after using the mower. The power to the self propel is also weak. Because the mower is so heavy and bulky it doesnt have enough power to pull the weight of the mower up hills. 3 Due to the weight this mower is difficult to manuvere around trees and other obsticles. I'm a strong guy, and it takes a lot of human power to pull this thing around the yard. Again much harder to use than the 9 year old Troy Bilt. Hands down this is the worst mower i've ever owned. I've owned hondas, Troy Bilts, Poulans, and Craftsmans. This mower is a huge source of frustration for me. I wish i could return it. I'll probably sell it on craigs list and get another brand. Thats how much i hate the performance of this mower. Its such a shame too - I own a Husqvarna chain saw and i love it. June 12, 2013
HU775HW This was the only model similar to the one I purchased. The mower lifted and cut the grass well. It was also very easy to start. Other than that I did not like it and returned it to Lowes after one yard cutting. The designers forgot a very basic design concept in walk behind mowers. The blades cutting swath should be wider or at least equal to the outer width of the wheels. It is not possible to cut along the edge of anything because the deck sits back one inch from the wheel track. Also the self propel design is causes fatigue. After 1-1/2 hours of mowing my hands were sore and cramping. Stay away from this mower. June 11, 2013
HU775 mower second year used I replaced my 12 year old Husqvanra mower after hitting a stump and decided to replace it with another Husgvarna. I have had no trouble with it starting and I let it sit over winter and is still started on first pull. It is a rear wheel drive like my prior one but it does not have the same drive power. The older mower you set a speed control and if you set it to fast it would drag you through the yard and up hills. I'm not as thrilled with the propulsion system on the new mower but its adequate for my smaller yard after moving. I would recommend this mower for bagging I never used it to mulch but it seems to cut the grass fine enough that its probably ok. I do like the deck hose attachment it makes it easier to at least knock of most of the grass. You will need to flip it on its side occasionally and clean it good. I expect this one to last as long as my first mower. To bad for Husqvarna sales, I don't need to buy a new one every three years like my neighbors. June 9, 2013
terrible I purchased a HU775 at my local Lowes late last season and within a month the mower wouldn't start. Thank goodness I purchased it a Lowes, because I was able to exchange it for a brand new, replacement HU775. Now this one has problems starting and the drive belt broke. I will call Lowes again and see if they will replace it with something of better quality. For the limited time I did use the mower, I found it heavy, hard to control and provide poor quality cutting. Also, when going up hills, I usually had to push it because the drive wheels did not provide enough power to propel the mower. June 4, 2013
Certainly purchase this one again Being a woman, I was impressed how easily this mower was to assemble out of the box, add oil & gas, and I was off to mow my 1/2 acre. Mostly, the area is flat, but I do have a leech field hill & a steep ditch area with very thick grass. Mower has great power & performed very well! I mowed slower through the thick areas & did not get clumps. Yes, the machine can get heavy when the bag is full - it dumps so quickly & easily, I don't let it get super heavy. It easily starts right up on the first pull, too. I think my machine is quieter than my neighbor's, although all the plastic does make me wonder about durability. (???) I have yet to use the side chute - love never having to rake! On hills, it may spin a bit, but I really have no problem steering it around & I weigh less than 120 lbs. My salesman was right to choose this over a front wheel drive. Overall, my lawn looks great & I don't dread having to mow. This one seems to be well worth the money in quality & ease of use. May 23, 2013
HU775H I bought the HU775H (not the BBC model). I guess the 775H is a left-over older model the dealer had. I bought this from an independent shop after it was used once and returned because it was too heavy for a lady user. I am a guy, but this thing is still heavy for me. Overall, I like the mower. Pluses: good power from rear wheels, variable speed on the hand controls (pull more, go faster), one lever height adjustment, evenness of cut, B&S engine started fine. Minuses: long deck makes cutting around trees tougher, leaves grass clumps in mulch mode - but to be fair, I had to cut wet grass that was very high and I fully expected that to happen with any mower. I have only used the mower once so far. I had to buy it without doing any research because my vacation home mower broke unexpectedly. As it turns out, Consumer Reports rates the HU775BBC model 20th out of 26 it reviewed in May 2013. It scored 65 vs. 82 for a Honda costing $30 more. Had I known, I would have shopped for another brand. Fortunately, I got a good deal on the price and the mower is only for occasional use. The Craftsman self-propelled mower I had hit a stump and bent the crank - so long mower! It was easier to maneuver, but hard to start without starter fluid, lacked traction, and the drive wheels were plastic gears that wore out fast - I would not buy a Craftsman again. May 20, 2013
Poor Mulcher After having 2 different mowers fall apart, my salesperson recommended this mower. After mowing my lawn for two weeks every 3 days, starting on wheel height 8 and going over the lawn in a different direction at height 7, I am still getting clumps of grass and trails of grass in the mulch mode. I mow in late afternoon to make sure the grass is dry. My other mowers never had this problem and I see by previous reviews this is a common problem. I now have blisters and very sore hands. Very, Very disappointed. I am a 70 year old woman. May 18, 2013
HU775H/775 EX I too, am not real happy with this mower. I have the same "grass trail" issue that I read about in another review although that doesn't really bother me that much. The mower is hard to work around bushes and in tight spots - which I "blame" on the RWD and high rear wheels. My biggest complaint is starting the mower - it has yet to start on the first two pulls as advertised. It usually takes two or three pulls, wait a minute and then it will start on the next pull or two. Not certain I will buy Husqvarna again. May 12, 2013
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