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Ehh. expected more...but not bad I guess when I bought a Husqvarna, i expected a powerful product. This mower sounds like it wants to stall the whole time i'm cutting. And thats with short, dry grass and a clean deck. Ultimately, it never stalls and does the job. I have noticed oil leaking from muffler area. Kinda weird for being two months old. June 30, 2013
Bad luck or poor quality? Unlike the other reviews I have read, my experience is quite different. I purchased my 775ex from lowes last summer. I loved it...the power, ease of use, and admittedly the color(I have always been a Husqvarna fan!) the first three runs went great. Fired up first pull. Had to speed walk to keep up. Blazed through my large, over grown lawn in record times. Then it started to smoke, lose compression, and blew oil every where. I am mechanically inclined. I cleaned out the carb, replaced the spark plug. It ran one more week and died. I took it back to Lowes very frustrated. They replaced it since it hadn't been thirty days. I brought home the new mower and it worked well. I thought this must have been a fluke. I finished the summer out. Stored the mower correctly. This season.... I changed the oil. Sharpened the blade and started mowing.... Immediately something was different. The power diminished. It started smoking and now the drive belt slips off. I put the drive belt back on. However it comes off after 20 mins of operation no matter how tight I set the tensioner to. I can have the tension so tight it almost drives it self, but the mower hits a small bump and off it comes. I now dread mowing. Without the drive, the mower is overweight and difficult to push. Highly disappointed. June 30, 2013
Fast, Powerful and starts easliy I have a half acre lot with a moderately steep rise at the back. I just turned 60 and my last mower (FWD) was trying to kill me (hard starts, drive wheels stripped). So I read the reviews and purchased an HU775. I should have done this a year ago ! The mower starts on one or two effortless pulls. The rear wheel drive is fast and strong uphill. The controls are intuitive. The one-touch height adjustment is a wonderful feature. I used the bagger once and it really hold a lot and catches all the cuttings. I find it's a little difficult to line up the wheels to ensure overlap of passes, but this is minor. If I don't use high settings, there can be grass trails. High settings, which are what I prefer, pretty much eliminate that problem. Another issue I've conquered has to do with the drive wheels locking after a pass - can be mucho annoying. Here's the secret to avoiding wheel-lock: release the drive about 2 feet from the end of your pass and the wheels will spin free. I've had no problems since figuring this out :-) This is a well-built, reliable machine. I get my chores done quicker, with far less effort. I'm glad I made this purchase. June 26, 2013
Good Mower This is a very nice mower, a little on the higher end of many self propelled mowers but well worth it. The motor has plenty of power and the large rear wheel drive is nice. Starts easily and performs well. My only issue is that it does seem to leave a fair amount of grass that comes out the sides when bagging. Overall a GOOD BUY. June 23, 2013
A Good Mower This is an overall good mower. Even though it is hard for it to be moved backwards it does go forwards easily and it also has self propelled which is a plus. It is also difficult for it to cut tall grass. It was also very easy to assemble. Overall it is an good mower. I also like the color orange. June 21, 2013
2 Mowers, both poor performers! Closest to the HU775H I could find; bought one from Lowes, mowed once, returned it hoping it was just a bad unit. Nope. Second unit bad as well. The engine is AWESOME! The mower is destined to be an engineering disaster. The drive mechanism is a bad design in how it's powered (and covered), the mower fights not to back up (drive sticks), unit pulls slightly to the left, although I'm sure the bracket could be bent from factory. The offset wheels track too much in the yard. the front wheels press down grass prior to the blade, causing some patted grass not to be evenly mowed, so it misses a lot. Holding the drive levers takes both hands and your hands will be sore after just one use. Mine were shaking. Again, this was two separate mowers of the same model, delivered on two different days at Lowes. So it can't be a QA issue. It's a BAD DESIGN!! June 18, 2013
HU775h not listed Hu775h not listed in selection Hmm. Handle you have to lift up to start constantly comes loose. Wasn't manufactured very well. Cannot cut around tight places like walls and fences very well. Cuts better than my toro did so far. It starts so far hopefully will stay that way in another year. Bag could be larger constantly emptying. June 16, 2013
A work horse mower Always starts on 1st or 2nd pull. Works well as a bagger or mulcher. Gives a nice even manicured cut. For a rear drive self-propelled mower, it is quite light and maneuverable. If you like to cut right up against things like sidewalks and landscaping timbers, it will take some adjustment. The rear wheels stick out about an inch farther than the front wheels. Once you get the hang of it, it's no big deal. I have also seen reviews about the rear wheels locking up preventing from pulling the mower backwards. This is not an issue - it's user error. Just release the self-propel trigger 6-inches before you want to pull back and you won't have an issue. This mower in incredibly quiet and the hose nozzle on he deck is a nice feature. June 14, 2013
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