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HUSQVARNA HU775BBC 3.3 5 61 61
Nice mower, easy to use Love the fact that the engine does not stop when you release the bailer bar - it just disconnects the blade. Variable speed is a big plus too as it allows you to set speed to your individual preferences that day. I was a bit disappointed in the quick connect hose cleaning system as I did not find that it worked well. I turned the machine on its side, still saw debris and hosed it off directly. My wife has no trouble starting the mower, which is a BIG plus. I think I'd like more power, but we are very rural and the grass is thick, maybe we're the exception in this regard. Overall, I like the machine and would recommend it. Love my Husqvarna chainsaw too. August 3, 2013
DO NOT BUY A HUSQVARNA LAWN MOWER!!!!! I bought a husqvarna lawn mower in 2010 there top model. That lawn mower broke on me 4 different times, which I had to load it in my truck and make 4 different 40 mile round trips to drop off and pick up from there service dealer. Husqvarna gave me a new 2011 for all my troubles and now that one has broke on me 3 times. I have been dealing with there corporate trying to get my money back and they won't. They have been rude and disrespectful the whole time. I have a new lawn mower that doesn't run and I can't sell. I and everyone I know will never buy another husqvarna product. August 1, 2013
HU775 H I've been overall very happy with this machine. We bought this a few weeks ago and haven't had any problems with it. The cut is great and the mulching is cut up in very fine pieces. The only time I noticed extra clippings on the lawn was when I mulched over an inch, but only a few droppings per .25 acre. The key is keeping the deck clean, and if bagging clear out the extra build up. It appears as though people expect the world out of something because its a more expensive machine. The only quirk I've had with this machine is water leaking out of the deck wash fitting. Doesn't seem to get a good seal , or can't handle much water pressure. The drive wheels do stay engaged if you don't release a few inches before pulling backwards. Hasn't been a huge deal to me. I think a lot of these reviewers complaints could have been avoided if they had done more research or toted one around the store for a minute. For optimum usability buy at a dealer and have them set it up. That's what I did with my 128 ldx trimmer. They fired it up and tuned the carb for me and gave me a free tune up after break in. Lowes is great because their hours are long and you can basically drive it off a cliff and still return it.... But for the enthusiast , a dealer is always a better option. If this continues to run and perform as it does, I'll forever recommend Husqvarna products. July 23, 2013
Mulching Very Disappointing Mower will not mulch without leaving large clumps of grass behind. Seems like designers left to much dead space on right rear to allow grass to be mulched properly. It does have some nice features such as easy cranking, quiet running, and blade disengagement but these don't mean anything if you need to mow your yard twice. It does not fill the bag very well when bagging either. Poorly designed, just can't recommend. July 21, 2013
Best mower I ever had This mower replaced a Toro self propelled. There is more than sufficient power to do my yard, which has a good sized hill. Starts on first/second pull, and starting is effortless. This is a quality machine. I would recommend this mower. July 20, 2013
Non-starter Purchased 7/16/13, at Lowes, assembled according to instructions, added oil/gas, and tried starting but would not start....returned to store and staff also unable to start. July 17, 2013
Very good mower This mower started the first try. It is fairly quiet, and has a very good cut. This lawnmower exceeded my expectations. July 4, 2013
Good mower for large unobstructed lawns. Overall this is a good mower. I bought this mower (model HU775H) at Lowe's after viewing their display. Unpacking was a snap and assembly was easy and quick. From unopened box to mowing was lass than 20 minutes. This mower starts on the first or second pull EVERY time. The mower is quiet and the cut is clean. I live in Florida and have St. Augustin grass which is thick and spongy to walk on and in summer needs to be cut about every 4 days. The canted handle is comfortable to hold and is easier on the wrists than a straight handle once you get used to it. I mulch the lawn so cannot comment on the side discharge or rear bagger since I have never used them. But it is a great mulcher. I have this mower for only two months so cannot comment on durability but so far everything works. This mower is great for a large unobstructed lawn that does not have many sharp turns or trees and/or bushes to maneuver around. The one-lever 4 wheel height adjustment is easy to use. However I find that I need to cut at a higher setting than I'd like because the mower deck drags on the soft turf and the wheels spin. I also cut back the rear rubber flap one inch because it caused too much drag. However there is a significant problem if you have an odd shaped lawn that sort of looks like an amoeba. I wanted a rear wheel drive mower for traction but that also creates a problem. Since the drive wheels and transmission are in the rear and this is a rear bagger, the engine has to sit farther forward from the fulcrum point (rear wheels) and makes it more difficult and tiring to lift the front wheels when making turns. I think many women would feel this machine too tiring for them. For my application swiveling front wheels would be a great help. I wish Husqvarna made a kit for that and I would gladly give up the one-lever adjustmant for it. A more annoying and frustrating problem is the speed control system. This is a design problem and Husqvarna engineers really need to address this. For example; when I mow up to an obstacle I need to release the speed control handle and push the mower for the last 6 inches or the transmission will not disengage from the wheels. If I forget or misjudge, then when I pull the mower back I am also turning the gears in the transmission and this makes it twice as hard. Frequently I find myself pulling the mower back a foot, pushing it forward 6 inches to disengage the transmission so it will "free wheel" and then pulling it back again. Frustrating. Another problem is the speed is not consistent. To keep the mower at a constant speed I need to keep "jiggling" the speed control at a fairly rapid rate. It almost feels like the "juice" from tall grass lubricates the drive belt and makes it randonly slip. One moment I need to squeeze the control all the way just to get the wheels to turn and the next moment it takes off and I need to release the lever to maintain control. In summery, as a manuverable close-quarters mower this is a BEAST. As a large open area mower it would probably be great. Overall a good machine with some aggravating quirks. July 4, 2013
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