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HUSQVARNA HU775BBC 3.3 5 61 61
HU775H Mower The mower is worthless, extremely heavy to push,the cut is terrible even with that blade that they say is wonderful,we changed the blade and it still has a terrible cut, the deck itself is high in the rear and low in the front no matter what setting you put it on .It is a horrible mower August 30, 2013
Goodbye Toro, Hello Husky - Life Just Got Better! I have owned Toro rotary rear wheel drive mowers for several years now. Every year or so, we had to get the drive mechanism rebuilt. I live in NH on about an acre with mixed grasses, mostly flat areas and steep 45 degree hills and slopes. During the past year, the Toro was getting harder and harder to use due to the drive being burnt out - again. I refused to put any more $$ into it. So, I spent more than I normally would have wanted to in order to get this Husky. We set it up in no time and put it to work right away. What a difference! The power drive sails up the hills, especially the tight areas where I have to go straight up. We got a nice, even cut overall and I hardly broke a sweat by the end of the job. The blade cutoff should be standard on every mower. Who knows how many fingers could be saved? As for rough cutting: I tried it in my neighbor's yard which hasn't been mowed since May - thick waist-high grass and miscellaneous weeds - it plowed thru like a tank! Now - the tricky stuff: pay attention to the power drive, the mower is a bear to pull backwards unless you release the Power Drive an inch or two before the end of your forward pass - that's all you need to get it to release. The water flush works ok, but I have yet to see any mower that does this completely - I have always had to do some hand scraping as well. And it doesn't start until after several pulls - but this is improving with use. The best part: my 9 year old grandson handles it like an expert - and he's a little small for his age. Says he likes it - wants to mow my lawn again this week! So, what can I say? It's a good quality mower that definitely does what you want. It's worth the price when you count the safety features and ease of use. Highly recommended. August 30, 2013
Horrible mulching mower This mower runs well and handles well. Unfortunately, the mulching capability makes this a poor choice. So for the homeowner who is fussy about is lawn. Avoid the product. This mower leaves trails of grass clumps all over the yard. I went back to using my 13 year old Toro as my primary mower. The Toro although old, is a much better mulching mower. It appears I made a bad decision in buying the Husqvarna. New rule of thumb.... I won't buy what I can't pronounce. August 30, 2013
My new lawn mower Just bought a HU775 H lawn mower. Briggs & Stratton engine. Manufactured in 2012. So I guess this would now be last years model. Bought this from an equipment dealer so it was already set up. I use high test fuel in all of my equipment with fuel stabilizer. Just bought it today, but so far it starts on the first crank. Self-propelled system seems to be working fine. Does take a bit of getting use to though. Just a helpful hint: Use high test, no ethanol if possible, use a fuel stabilizer & empty the fuel out of the tank and run it dry when storing for the winter. If left in over the winter, the fuel breaks down and really plays havoc with the carburetor. I usually change the oil at the end of the season and sharpen the blades. For those who are having trouble mulching, try Gator Blades. August 27, 2013
Questionable performance My husband and I spent a year reviewing push gas mowers. We have about an acre on a slight slope. After all comparisons and knowing which mower my husband wanted, I bought it for him as an early birthday present in May. His birthday present because I love push cutting and he can spend time with the kids. First few runs were absolutely wonderful. I love everything about the mower. Then it started smoking. Returned to Lowes, sent to Husqvarna, and two weeks later it comes back with a diagnosis of "too much oil". We had checked the oil/fuel regularly, but, after getting it back, the mower started running perfectly again. Today, I started mowing around our house. Stopped the mower to move some things and now the mower will not start again. Oil level fine, fuel is full. I can't figure it out. Am I facing another two week downtime for Lowes to send it back to Husqvarna again? I start back to college in two weeks. My free time is about up and push mowing our yard is my relaxation! Any suggestions before we load it back up for service? August 12, 2013
Smooth running, good blade speed Out performs any of the three mowers I have owned. Briggs-Straton engine is a real winner. August 12, 2013
mower drops clumps of grass I'm disappointed in this new mower. As I mow it drops unsightly clumps of grass. I even added the discharge shoot instead of mulching (as I prefer) but it's still dropping clumps of grass. My past mowers and my current back-up mower (17 yr old Sears & 7 year old Toro) handle the lawn fine with no clumping. This brand new mower can't handle an average Michigan lawn. I should have paid attention to the blogs about this mower & clumping before I bought it. August 8, 2013
NickTheMower mulcher mode leaves a track of unmulched grass starting warm engine has to be figured out most silent i had Lowe's staff sold me the wrong spare blade I expect a mower to last 10 years or + , how can I review durability after only 1 month ? August 3, 2013
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