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HUSQVARNA HU775BBC 3.3 5 61 61
A bit concerned. I bought the HU775H in the spring of 2012, confident in the Husqvarna brand. I take excellent care of my tools and equipment, and I came home and assembled it exactly as instructed. I applied the proper level of oil, and made sure to have a tightly sealed gas can with the proper gas/stabilizer mixture. I registered the mower and went to work. I gave it its first oil change after 5 hours of use, as instructed, and changed the oil again at the end of the season. Today, the mower is giving me problems. It seems to not start as easily, it smokes, and I found a lot oil in the filter recently. I will take it in to get serviced soon, and hopefully it will still be under warranty. I think I have done my part in reading the manual and taking proper care of the mower, so I hope Lowe's or Husqvarna will help me in finding the problem and fixing it. It's barely been a year and a half since I purchased it, and it's only been in regular use for no more than a combined 7 months; I didn't anticipate having any problems with it for at least another 10 years. Please advise. October 1, 2013
Durable beast This was my first new mower. I have a toro recycler with the personal pace which i love, but it does not have the power that i need for the tall grass i cut. I bought this mower for the blade clutch feature. I mow a lot of yards and they have a lot of debris that you have to stop and pick up while mowing. I also use the blade clutch to stop the blade while i walk it up my trailer. The self propel could use a little work. It can be kind of hard to engage but you can loosen the cable and make it easier. It does not always pull it's self up grassy hills, but it will with a little nudge. They need to make an AWD with a blade clutch. I use this mower everyday for atleast 4 hours. It always starts first pull, unless you forget to open the throttle. Most durable mower ever. I used to haul it on a rack on the back of my SUV, and one day the strap came off, and so did the mower. Luckily it was while i was backing out of the driveway. I almost ran it over, but it rolled off the rack and flipped over while i pushed it about 6ft. flipped it over and started first pull. Still works fine with nothing broken. Will probably buy another one next year so that i have two so people can help me mow faster. September 27, 2013
No Oil Drain The mower runs well and has plenty of power. I do not like having to change the oil thru the fill tube. I'm not able to completely drain it, but that is a Briggs & Stratton issue and they would rather you come back often for new equipment. You have to remember to push the mower ahead a foot to allow the self drive gears to release allowing you to pull the mover backwards, but that is an issue with many brands using the similar drive mechanism. September 21, 2013
Self propelled? NOT!!!!!!!!! I've been fighting this mower for two seasons now. Overall it's a good mower, as long as you absolutely do NOT need a self propelled mower. Downhill paved or not? Oh yea, it will roll down hill. Level paved surface? It'll move itself. Level grass surface? Maybe it will propel itself forward. Maybe. Any uphill at all? DEAD WEIGHT. Get ready to lug that albatross. This piece of junk won't even prevent itself from rolling backwards down a hill, much less try to climb it. Total and complete waste of my money. I bought a self propelled mower because I need a self propelled mower for my yard. This was a huge mistake. My previous mower, Craftsman, would drag me up a hill. Drag me. Should have simply replaced the transmission on it. (In fairness to Craftsman! You should see my yard. That transmission did good to last two years. And did I mention it would DRAG me up a hill?) September 16, 2013
Very Dissatisfied Consumer This is the worst lawnmower we have even owned/used in 40 years. This was our first Husqvarna lawnmower purchase at Lowes. First issue is it does not cut very good. We cut our lawn each week so it never gets long. In order to get a good cut we have to cut half strips at a time and forget about trying to bag the clippings. That is worse!!! What is the sense of having a 22" cut width if you can only use 10" at a time. That is sad. Second issue is after 4 months of cutting a small lot size we had a puff of smoke out of the engine when starting which took 6 pulls to get it started. After that mowing, we had smelt gasoline in the garage. It took a couple of days to determine that the smell was coming from the mower. The gasoline smell is coming from the engine area of the lawnmower. The following week went to start the mower to cut our grass and we could not even pull the cord at all. First thing we checked was if it had oil. Oil level was at the proper level. Went to Lowes and now it will be sent out to determine if it is under warranty (purchased May 2, 2013)or not, which it does not get picked up until 5 days from now, than it will take another 7-10 days before the unit is looked at. Our lawn is going to grow for 3 weeks before I even know if or when I will get or have a lawnmower. Do not spend the money on this brand. We do like the blade stop and motor running option. Lowes customer service at local store is very good. September 14, 2013
poor engineering I should have read other review, instead of relying on the company name. the front wheel s being out of line with the back is a real inconvenience. lots of stay grass still standing after a cut.The mulching is a big mess. the last mower I had done a lot better with a lot less mess.too much wasted space in front. Can't get close to some objects. Just too bulky.The speed levers are hard to hold with these old hands. Wish I could sell it for half the price I paid after only a few months. September 13, 2013
Love this mower! I love this mower, it is the most powerful self propelled mower I have ever owned. It is wonderfully easy to start, I am a woman and have had problems with other mowers in the past. Has a nice wide deck to speed mowing. It seems to be durable, I have hit things in the yard that I couldn't see and the blade wasn't damaged. I would buy this mower again, this is my first Husqvarna purchase. September 9, 2013
Features/Non-Features Very good mower: light but powerful, but would like to see a visual fuel gauge and a "lock" to hold the rear door and side door open for cleaning under the mower deck. Even though there is a wash out port, I always hose under the deck and cleanout the discharge areas. The one pull start is excellent! September 5, 2013
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