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HUSQVARNA HU775BBC 3.3 5 61 61
Awesome Rear Wheel Drive Replaced my aging front wheel drive mower when I moved back to Utah last Summer. When I got here, my house had been vacant for a month and the yard was in bad need of TLC. I bought my Husq 775 at Lowes and couldn't be happier. The deck is thicker than most, the high wheels make life much better, and the number of other features just make all the difference. I love the large rear discharge bag, the wash out port on the deck, single lever changes ALL the wheel heights at once, and especially love the clutched blade so I can leave the mower running when I need to step in front to remove rocks or large sticks. I had to get used to rear wheel drive rather than my previous front wheel - rear wheel is soooo much better once you get used to it!! Going up hills is a breeze and I especially love that I can CONTROL the speed with the drive handles and can use either drive handle or both...very nice feature. I broke the catch for the clutch handle on the first day because I didn't read the book and didn't know to push it over to pull the handle backward. I just pulled the handle until the catch broke off. Unfortunately, you have to purchase the entire top handle for the mower to fix this, but it works just fine without - the handle just goes all the way forward instead of stopping halfway - no big deal. It is fairly quite and holds a ton of grass before emptying. Never pulled the cord more than twice to get started and that's only when I run out of gas or when I started it after sitting all winter. Our neighborhood has lots of trees, so I found this mower makes a great a yard vacuum even when I don't need to cut the grass. Does a great job of sucking up all the leaves and makes the yard look very neat. Just be certain to use high quality oil and gasoline with 91 octane for best performance and no smoke. The sharp blade and powerful engine leaves a very clean cut across the lawn. April 8, 2014
great features for the price Really enjoy using this mower. Easy to use features and fantastic preformance. March 16, 2014
Worst mower we ever purchased We bought our mower from Lowes in August 2013. We did not purchase the repair plan because we didn't think we needed to. We thought we were buying a good product. We used the mower about 6 times and it started giving us trouble starting. We would get it started and it would run for about 20 mins. The next time we went to use it there wasn't any gas in it. The last time I tried using it you couldn't pull the cord. I put a little gas in it and sure enough it ran right out the front of the motor. We took it back to lowes and they sent it out for repair. I got a call today saying it wasn't covered because we ran it without any oil. Not true at all!! They said they would fix it for 400.00. I told them NO! We would go to Home Depot or a local mower company and buy a good mower!! I am very disappointed in Husqvarna and Lowes. We used the 6 month no interest so I am still paying for something I can't use!! January 21, 2014
Excellent Mower Replaced my TroyBuilt with this model and haven't looked back. I absolutely love the clutched blade drive -- I don't have to kill the engine in order to step out from behind the mower...and the throttle lever is "old school" got to love it! Lastly, it starts on the first or second pull. November 19, 2013
HUSQVARNA HU775BBC, Drive Cable Problems I purchased my first HUSQVARNA HU775BBC from Lowes in August. I used the mower 2.5 times the drive cable came unattached from the drive mechanism at the pulley end under the mower deck. Thankfully it was only 20 days after the purchase so I returned it to Lowes under their 30 day return program. I wasn’t going to purchase another HUSQVARNA but the store manager gave me a good deal on the same exact mower. So on September 20th I left the Lowes store with another HUSQVARNA HU775BBC mower. I was hoping the problem with the drive cable after only two and a half mowing uses was a fluke. As it came to pass three days ago this second new HUSQVARNA HU775BBC mower had its drive cable become unattached from the drive mechanism at the pulley end under the mower deck. This same problem has happened to two mowers Husqvarna HU775BBC in a little over 3 uses. I am not sure if Lowes will take back this second mower as it is 40 days old, 10 days past their 30 return policy. I definitely know that I will not purchase another Husqvarna. November 3, 2013
Useful features & good value. I have only used this mower for a few weeks so I don't have any long term feed back. However I like the mower overall. It starts on the first pull every time & runs quiet. The "one start" blade stop feature is great when bagging grass or leaves. There's plenty of power, tall grass is not a problem. There are two minor quirks you must get used to. 1. In order to pull the mower backwards freely you must let go of the drive handles before you stop & let the mower roll forward a few inches before you pull it back. 2. The rear axle is wider then the mower deck so you must adjust how you steer the mower when mowing next to a fence or a wall. Overall I give it high marks. October 15, 2013
best mower i have owned best mower I have owned to date. durability cant judge until used for some time, but compared to my past 3 sears mowers it is best hands down. wish I had one before buying the sears in the past, they were terrible, hard to start & constant breaking parts. smooth running, quite, easy to handle, pulls up my small hill very easy, easy to start. only difficulty has been trying to pull back, doesn't always disengage drive completely. found it helps to release drive & roll forward foot or so then pull back. little pricey, most I have paid for push mower, but will be worth it if it lasts. overall best mower I have ever owned (& I have had many) thanks for good product during a period of time good merchandise is hard to find. October 12, 2013
HUSQVARNA HU775BBC I do the bulk of my mowing with a lawn tractor, but needed something that I could mow my ditch with and get into smaller areas than I could with the tractor. Before I was doing all of that with a weedeater but my back has been really bothering me whenever I do that lately. So far this mower has exceeded my expectations in every way. I simply can't believe how quiet it is, and I love that I can leave the engine running with the blade disengaged to move obstacles, cross over the gravel at the end of my driveway, or shuttle the mower from one part of my yard to another. It seems to me that some of the problems others have had could be solved by doing a little bit of light reading in the owner's manual. For instance, it flat out tells you on page 7 that if you can't pull the mower backwards, to push it forward a few inches to disengage the drive wheels. Somebody also mentioned that the water washout fitting didn't clean the bottom of the mower very well, but they probably didn't see page 14 where it tells you to start the engine, from which I also inferred that you are supposed to engage the mower blade to sling the water around under the mower to aid in the cleaning process. I run mine with the blade engaged and water running for about a minute, and it does a wonderful job, especially since I have a way to run hot water to it through my garden hose. As far as starting goes, mine fires on the first pull every time as long as I use the choke when it's cold so I have no idea why others have had issues in this area. Only downside to this product that I can find is you have to flip the whole thing over to drain engine oil out, which is why I listed maintenance as a con. My mower was one that somebody had bought from Lowe's and returned because it ran lousy, but the Lowe's employee I dealt with had said he had found water in the gas that the customer had used. It now runs flawlessly. They gave me a great deal on my mower, but they didn't have the discharge chute or bagger to go with it so I'm stuck with no option other than mulching for now. If anybody could advise me as to how to get the bagger and chute for it I'd really appreciate it! October 12, 2013
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