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A good machine to this point I initially bought a front wheel drive for the first time and did not like it. When I used it, it started to loose traction as the rear bagger got heavier. So I had to put upward pressure on the handle with my arms. I returned it and got the HU725E model with RWD in June of 2013. After using it for the summer, I found this to be a very good Lawnmower to this point. I can't give a durability rating yet since I just got it. I cut through tall thick grass with the same easiness as I did with my Toro (6.5hp) that I had for ten years before. I'm surprised with this 3.6hp model and what it has done so far. The only thing I don't care for is the RWD in which it stays engaged when you stop to back up, I know that you just have to move forward a couple inches to disengage it, but that's and extra step I don't care for. But I do like it's performance and power. I also want to remind others that it is so important to use fresh clean fuel and oil and have a clean air filter on any engine. I've always followed good maintenance and had long usage with all my equipment. February 1, 2014
Worst Mower I've ever used!!!!! - Part 2 Good to see that others think like me. Letter sent August 19th to Husqvarna without a reply. Hello Folks: There was a time when I liked Husqvarna Equipment, but that ended with a addition of the Orange Lemon seen below. HD725E (22”) 175cc Self-Propelled Electric Start. Purchased September 18, 2012 for $439.99. Been to Jordan’s in Kingfield, Maine for service twice. 1-Gummed up carburetor. 2-Defective spark plug. In order to have the mower go forward with less stress, I have to disable the self-propel. Self-Propelled works fine on a paved flat driveway at setting 6. Fred at Jordan’s in Kingfield, Maine has been advised of my issues with several problems with my Husqvarna. It’s not all bad news, with self-propel disabled, the rear wheels do not lock up, and that’s a Plus. The view on the left is where I mow. This is also where I mow with self-propel disabled. Research now underway for a lawn mower that works a bit better. Would you like to make a donation towards the purchase of a new replacement lawn mower? Sadly yours, John S. Ober 1014 North Ridge Road Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947-5365 September 7, 2013
Worst Mower I've ever used!!!!! It does not pull up the slightest incline. If grass is over 5" tall, it will not pull itself. Bends the grass, both broad and narrow leaf, so you have to mow over the area twice. Is hard to manuever and turn. Grass clippings/mulch builds up under deck if grass is the slightest bit damp. The only good thing I can say about it is that it is easy to start. August 20, 2013
Update on prior review I posted a review after using my mower once on wet, high grass. I have now used it a second time on high, but not so wet grass. The results are close to the same. It does not do a good job of lifting and cutting thin-bladed grass - broad bladed grass is fine. It leaves clumps as it goes and the wheels pick up wet grass and then drop it as small lines - lots of mowers have that problem with wet grass. I think the clumping is because I am not using the rear bagger and that clippings build up in the empty space where the chute goes to the back, then they fall off. I am considering putting a baffle in that space to keep the clippings from getting stuck there - hard to see at the moment how I can do it, but I did a similar thing with a craftsman mower and it helped. I really am not interested in bagging the clippings - I like to leave them on the yard for fertilizer. If Hsq redesigned the rear plug to create a more circular configuration under the deck, I think they could solve the problem. Otherwise, the mower's power is good and the hand controls make it easy to use and the pulling power is easily controlled. Length makes it a bit hard to maneuver in tighter spaces. July 13, 2013
Great I am very happy with this mower. I'm 24 years old and this is my first mower that i ever bought. I've used many in the past but this one caught my eye. It cost a pretty penny for a young guy starting out compared to others but I wanted something that if you took care of that it will last a long time. Engine is very strong, I was worried when I went on vacation that the lawn would be overgrown and be too much but I had no problems what so ever taking it on. Only issue that it seems to have which I've seen in other reviews is dis engaging the rear wheels when pulling it back. All you have to do is re engage slightly and then pull back and it usually frees up. I'm not sure if it's me or the design. As they say one pull and it starts right up. It's easy to clean and maintain and to be honest I couldn't be happier. I would definitely recommend this mower July 11, 2013
Product not bad Over the years, I've bought a lot of cheap, cheesy mowers. This time I wanted a good quality mower and after looking at several high end models I decided on this one. Great mower with bagger and mulcher. I've had it for two weeks now and my only complaint so far is it smokes badly when started and the side discharge attachment is about as poorly designed as possable. Two little plastic tabs holds it on and one broke the second time I used it. June 27, 2013
Makes mowing as easy as possible I bought this mower for my new home (I've always had apartments). It required no assembly. I was mowing within five minutes of arriving home. It starts easy, and works flawlessly. June 16, 2013
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