Equipped with heavy-duty steel cutting decks and easy-start engines, the HU700L features collection, mulch and side discharge, offering you added versatility in terms of mowing frequency and cutting results. Rugged ball-bearing wheels ensure a smooth run and minimized play, even after many years of use. Variable drive speed allows you to adjust the speed according to your needs and the condition of the lawn.

Honda, 22 inch


$ 379.95

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HUSQVARNA HU700L 2.5 5 22 22
Decent mower ...not quite ready for prime time Good power from engine for cutting up hill. Twin drive handles are easy to control ( I use the right one since I am right handed ). Starts easy. Rubber flap behind mower gets under the mower when pulling mower backward. Sometimes have to move mower slightly forward with drive off to get mower to roll backwards easily...very irritating Clicking noise from drive when using less than maximum drive speed- hope nothing is breaking. Manual says three year warrantee but registration form they sent me says two year. Would be a great mower if not for the above issues....maybe they will be fixed on future models June 13, 2013
Mulching leaves clumps of Grass Has a lot of power but I am finding that when I mulch it leaves clumps of grass. It seems the area that the bag attaches to gathers grass when the bag is not attached. Also when i pull it back the back wheels lock up. Very disappointed in this brand. May 18, 2013
HU700L Not a Great Mower The HU700L is not a durable and reliable mower. I have owned this mower for just over a year and have already had three issues that re related to breakage and poor design. Honda engine is great. The issue is the drive system. Very poor design. Very disappointed in this mower! May 12, 2013
husqvarna won't honor their warranty bought the hu700l on 4/10/13 it would only run about 2 minutes and quit. let it sit for 2 minutes and it would crank and run for another 2 minutes. took it to the local authorized dealer and was charged $53.53 they said the carburator isn't covered under warranty. April 26, 2013
Would not recommend this product to anyone even a politician. I bought hu700l on 4/10/13. It started fine but it will run appx 2 minutes and quit. I called for an authorized dealer in my area to service it. I took it in on 4/19 anad got it back on 4/23 with a bill for $53.53 from the authorized dealer (Ace Equipment Sales and Svc, Inc) where I was told to take it. I called customer service and was told by Jessica that the carburator is not covered under warranty. I can find nowhere on the pkg. nor in the owners manual that the carburator isn't covered. Jessica then told me she would transfer me to another rep. I was on hold 30-40 min. I gave up. Do not buy this product!!! April 23, 2013
Problem - less than a year old an a front wheel just Broke! I love this mower. We have a large area, so we've a Ride On John Deere, this mower and a Husqvarna weedwacker as well. Just last week I was mowing with this mower (which I enjoy) it's powerful - the bag holds alot and it starts right up! Runner. Anyway I just this to go around my raised bed as it's just too risky to use the weed wacker that close to my garden and the ride on mower is just too big. The right front wheel which was not touching anything - sheered off. Hoping to get a replacement piece easily. Happy - a little concerned & missing my mower!!! March 9, 2013
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