Equipped with heavy-duty steel cutting decks and easy-start engines, the HU700L features collection, mulch and side discharge, offering you added versatility in terms of mowing frequency and cutting results. Rugged ball-bearing wheels ensure a smooth run and minimized play, even after many years of use. Variable drive speed allows you to adjust the speed according to your needs and the condition of the lawn.

Honda, 22 inch


$ 379.95

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HUSQVARNA HU700L 2.5 5 22 22
Bad Customer Service Mower was advertised with a side discharge. After getting mower home I found out that you have to register mower and wait for side discharge chute to be mailed. Registered and chute. Called support and they said registration did not go through. Reregistered with them and verified registration over phone, was issued support number. Waited for chute to be mailed chute (been a year now). I have to use bungee cord to hold up back cover and mow grass with grass and trimmings blowing all over my legs. Don't buy this product if you want a product that has support from the manufacturer or one that has all the parts necessary to operate the unit properly. April 5, 2014
Great Mower I mow about a 1/3 of a hilly acre and this mower handled it like a pro. It mulched very well and I am very satisfied with it. I hardly had to clean anything from under the deck. I am glad that I didn't pay attention to the bad reviews on this mower. I am very happy with it. September 28, 2013
Little clumps of grass This is a nice looking mower, with a good, solid deck, and the motor runs nicely. The mower cuts very nicely, and, if you are bagging the clippings, it does a great job. But I bought the mower to mulch, and it won't. For some reason, clumps of grass are left behind the mower, especially in dense grass. I tried going slow, I tried cutting a small swath, but nothing helped. When I tipped the mower over to look underneath, there was a bunch of clippings in the discharge duct that had not been mulched. The large housing of the drive belt seems to interfere with the mulching process. Although the mower is easy to handle, even without the drive engaged, I am going to return it, because it will not work as advertised. This mower also does not have the side discharge opening, and requires a part which was not included to discharge the clippings without bagging them. I am extremely disappointed, as there are very few quality mowers around, it seems. I thought that this would be a good one, and it is, in a way, but it won't do what I bought it to do. August 23, 2013
Great Mower, Even for Commercial Use when i bought this mower, i wasnt sure what to expect. my other mower, (also a husqvarna) had engine failure, due to so much commercial use. the mower failed half way through my longest work day, so i had to buy this one from a local hardware store. when i got home, i read other reviews, and began to worry about the mowers reliability, power and so forth. so far, i dont see what the other people are talking about. once the piston rings set in, the mower has great power, and good performance. it is also good value for money, coming with a high quality bag, and side discharge shoot. i already have about 5 hours on the mower, and am happy with what i see. one con i see however, is starting it when it is cold. if you engage the choke and go to start the motor, you will have to push down the bar, and pull the cord, almost simultaneously. also, if you use the mower for commercial use like i do, you will have to get used to the self propulsion handles, because they fatigue the muscles in your hands. other than those slight downsides, the mower is great. my friend has a honda mower with the same engine, and it has a little over 1000 running hours on it. i hope to get this mower to 1500 hours. August 16, 2013
underpowered Severly underpowered, this poor lawnmower has trouble cutting 1 1/2 inch growth. Mulching capability even worse than low power. bogs down, front wheel drive works, but too much weight on rear tires to keep it grounded as gas tank empties and requires lift on handle to keep drive going. also mower shows having a 3 year warranty, but only 2 is allowed when you register the product July 18, 2013
starting engine I am having a problem starting engin. By the time I set the chock, goto rear engage gear and then pull rope, the chock has returned to nutral and engine will not start. Any solutions?. June 20, 2013
mower ran 4 times and died/no customer support I lost my 10 Y.O sears Craftsman mower to sandy last fall. So I had to buy a new mower The grass needed one more cut. Went to my local Agway and Bought what I thought would be a great mower ..after all it had a Honda motor and the Husqvarna brand. We'll I mowed the lawn exactly 3 times this spring and on the forth mow it died with a poof Has Gas Oil ..JUST WON'T START!!! When I bring it back to the local Agway they treat it like I have had the lawnmower for years and am bringing it in for repairs …WHAT It is bran new.. Wrong after a half hour of trying to get my money back (I know your laughing at me now…the thought old school customer service) exasperated I said to the man OK what can you do for me? he took it wheeled to the back of the store asked me my contact info and then said that would be $35 WHAT I said no way you have my contact info…. if you find I ran over a boulder or a small sheep or something I'll gladly pay for repair…call me you have my contact info and I walked out..that was saturday fast forward to today monday (no call from repair but I didn't expect one) So I contact Husqvarna customer service or should I say try to!!! first you cannot find a phone number and then when you do you get disconnected EVERY TIME (I tried about 8 times)…….Dear Husqvarna whoever you are if you care please contact me you have my Email……. oh by the way when the mower did run it wasn't bad on power but that's just a memory…. June 17, 2013
Awesome equipment I have only had the mower for around two weeks, and all I can say is wow!!! I bought this mower for the honda engine, ease of use, and the 3 in 1 cutting capabilities that it offers. So far I have only used it in the bagging mode, and this mower doesn't disappoint like my old John Deere push mower did all the time. Easy starts, great pace ( set your own), and a great price have me sold on Husqvarna power equipment June 14, 2013
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