Equipped with heavy-duty steel cutting decks and easy-start engines, the HU700L features collection, mulch and side discharge, offering you added versatility in terms of mowing frequency and cutting results. Rugged ball-bearing wheels ensure a smooth run and minimized play, even after many years of use. Variable drive speed allows you to adjust the speed according to your needs and the condition of the lawn.

Honda, 22 inch


$ 379.95

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HUSQVARNA HU700L 2.6 5 21 21
Product has flaws I don't believe that the self-propelled wheels should lock up when pulling the mower in reverse after you have made a path forward and releasing the self-propelled levers. July 4, 2014
GOOD BUT COULD BE BETTER Offset rear wheels prevent you from mowing close to walks, curbs, trees and requires more trimming. Rear wheel drive clutch does not always disengage, even when releasing several feet before end of row. June 29, 2014
A Delicate Little Flower built to cost you money... Lawn mowers used to be built tough, I believe they new ones are built to break. Valves sticking was the primary issue I've had with this model. I always burn up the gas in the system by turning off the fuel to run it out. I have always babied this mower, but I still experience problems. Mechanic thinks the ethanol in the gas is causing most of the problems, but what else is there to buy?.... NOTHING Mechanic recommended a more advanced split prong spark plug and higher octane fuel. He said ANYTHING that can be related to fuel is not covered by any warranty... My neighbor still pushes around his 10 year old mower and never changes the oil and beats the heck out of it and it's still running... makes you sick that things today are actually built to break. June 20, 2014
As advertized Just puchased this mower 3 days ago, after buying and being disappointed with 4 other mowers at big box stores. Took them all back and was about to give up and stay with my old mower. Had to wait a couple of days for things to dry up for it to be a fair test. Used the mower this afternoon and it passed all tests, it is as advertized. I hadn't read any of the reviews on this mower until after I purchased it and when I read them thought I was again going to be un happy with it. I was wrong and I wonder what the ones that wrote the bad reviews were doing and how they were using it. I'm 76 yrs old so not as strong as I used to be and my wife is 72 and we both had no problem using this mower and very pleased. The one thing that Husqvarna should change though is the rear drive wheels extend out about 1" past the deck, it isn't a problem since I always trim when finished mowing. I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 because of the rear wheels. Hope this helps someone looking for a good, easy to use self-propelled mower. Might add also, our yard isn't all flat, probably half is very steep and it handles that without any problem what so ever. L.D. June 1, 2014
Glad I didn't see the rating before I bought it.... If you are looking for a self-propelled mower that will do all the work while you sit back and drink Iced tea, this may not be the mower for you. However, if you want to get it done quick you may want to strap on a good set of running/walking shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. This beast is quick (fat guys beware! I am one so I can talk...) so keep your blade sharp. My normal 2 hour (push) job took me 1 hour 18 minutes with this selfie. One Note: If you give it full propel pointing up on upward grade you WILL pop a wheel stand. Feather it on the climb. This machines performance could be result of the DonGarlits/KennyBernstein matchups of the 80's.... Perfect for my application! I recommend this product, but YOU still need to do your own research for your applications. May 24, 2014
Self Propelled not really I purchased this model expecting a great product. It is anything but. It will not self propell on low cut setting unless it is on pavement.The worst excuse for a self propelled mower,not to mention first one did not propell at all had to return it thinking I just got a defective one so exchanged for new one and it was a big waste of my hard earned money. May 22, 2014
Self propelled, not really. I purchase this self propelled mower because i wanted a quality product with a good cut. I am very pleased with the quality of the engine, cut etc.... Although i could have saved a lot of money and not purchased a self propelled mower because the propel motor is so very weak that it basically is a push mower. Very tiring, and overall dissapointed with Husqvarna. Would not purchase one again. April 16, 2014
Bad Customer Service Mower was advertised with a side discharge. After getting mower home I found out that you have to register mower and wait for side discharge chute to be mailed. Registered and chute. Called support and they said registration did not go through. Reregistered with them and verified registration over phone, was issued support number. Waited for chute to be mailed chute (been a year now). I have to use bungee cord to hold up back cover and mow grass with grass and trimmings blowing all over my legs. Don't buy this product if you want a product that has support from the manufacturer or one that has all the parts necessary to operate the unit properly. April 5, 2014
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