The HU700F is self-propelled and equipped with a heavy-duty steel cutting deck featuring collection, mulch and side discharge, offering you added versatility in terms of mowing frequency and cutting results. Variable drive speed allows you to adjust the speed according to your needs and the condition of the lawn and high rear wheels allow for maximal maneuverability. A foldable handle provides easy storage and transportation.

Honda, 22 inch


$ 349.95

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Product reviews for HU700F

HUSQVARNA HU700F 3.6 5 100 100
700f Review Ease to assemble and always starts on the first pull. However front wheels have always been wobbling and one broke after about 20-25 mows. Now Lowe's won't help fix it and can't find a place to repair it that wont charge me less than $150, It's unfortunate I had a Sear mower that I paid 3x less for the price that lasted 10 years longer. It seems the engine is the best part but without wheels that will turn its useless. September 14, 2013
Good cut, poor quality and warranty Machine has sufficient to good power, and gives a high quality cut. Very easy to use. But after 4 months time, the metal frame arms have begun to bend downward, and it is no longer functional for anyone over 4 feet tall. I took the machine in for warranty service which Husqvarna advertises so much, and the warranty was denied for "User error", without any reasonable explanation as to how "User error" could lead to the bending of the metal frame in less than 10 uses. The warranty dept advised me to take it up with the servicer #who was useless and pretty unprofessional#, the servicer told me to take it up with warranty, then to the retailer, and so on, and not a single person could reasonably explain "User error" in this case. Husqvarna has zero accountability with its warranty, and as far as I'm concerned it is a total sham. This company does not stand behind its products, nor offer any kind of proper customer support, and I would absolutely not recommend anyone to this brand and its products #and servicers#. September 13, 2013
I like these features I waited and waited to buy this mower. They were backordered for weeks and when I had decided to buy another model, I walked into Lowe's and there it was, back in stock. I bought it, took it home, put it together (very easy), and it started the first pull. I have mowed with it twice and I like the cut. It has performed just as I hoped it would. September 11, 2013
Did not get one season from this mower Honda engine great - always starts on first pull. After ~20 uses the deck started to crack and broke in one place at the motor mounts and now the mower will not run. Also after about 10 uses the gas cap started leaking. Significant vibration into the handles makes my hands go numb after about 1/2 hour. Could use a little more power as well, especially when mulching as the grass clumps and gets thrown out from under the mower. September 5, 2013
Really like this mower, but..... On our second season with this mower. Was initially very impressed and satisfied with all aspects of the mower but as the first season's use progressed, the foam handgrips began to tear rather quickly and I had to order replacements. Next, the plastic side chute was too easily dislodged while mowing and the tabs used to attach it to the mower deck broke off and a replacement had to be ordered. This season, the mower propulsion system started losing power. I tried a new belt but it didn't help. After reading reviews of others from this website, I pulled the front wheels and discovered the plastic gears had been stripped or ground off the wheels by the metal drive gears. Just received my replacement wheels today. I still like this mower. It has good power, cuts evenly and when working properly, the drive system enables me to cut my lawn quickly without putting a strain on my back. However, it is disappointing to be replacing so many parts after only one season and one-half. August 24, 2013
Just what I was looking for! I had a good mower, but could not get it started.. others could but not me. I do have trouble with a pull start mower, but had had one with a Honda motor before( a TroyBilt,) and had no trouble. This was another brand, and and another motor type, it just would not work. The Husqvarna was recommended by an employee of Lowes , and then he had to order one from another store for me. It was every thing I need , very easy for me to assemble ,and starts with the first pull ! Can mow the grass in 1/2 the time now ! Thanks. August 19, 2013
Starts first pull! A great value! I needed a new self-propelled walk behind mower this spring. I went to Lowe's and talked to the Department Staff about my needs. I am 50, and have a 3/4 acre lot with some grade and hilly areas. The recommendation from them was this model. They both agreed that the Honda engine equipped on this mower is better than any engine currently on the market for small mowers, and I couldn't agree more! It starts the first pull every time. I cut my fescue lawn every Friday afternoon, and it powers right through it, wet or dry. My yard is somewhat hilly, and the front wheel drive has no problem keeping up with me. I would add that I think this would be a great mower for older users, as it's very easy to start, and the adjustable speed can accommodate just about any pace. August 16, 2013
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