The HU700F is self-propelled and equipped with a heavy-duty steel cutting deck featuring collection, mulch and side discharge, offering you added versatility in terms of mowing frequency and cutting results. Variable drive speed allows you to adjust the speed according to your needs and the condition of the lawn and high rear wheels allow for maximal maneuverability. A foldable handle provides easy storage and transportation.

Honda, 22 inch


$ 349.95

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Product reviews for HU700F

HUSQVARNA HU700F 3.6 5 100 100
Works fine Honda engine usually starts on first pull. Lawn mower works well. August 17, 2014
Performs about average. I've had this mower for about 2 months now and used it weekly since I got it. Overall I'm satisfied with it but I cant really say I love it. Below are the things I like and don't care for: The good things: - Always starts on the first pull - Pretty light and easy to push. A lot of time I don't even bother with the self-propelled engagement. - Like the larger rear wheels. The bad things: - Grass really seems to get stuck under the deck. I only use this mower for what I can't get with my tractor and every time I use it there is TONS of grass caught under the deck. Using the cleaning attachment spayer doesn't work well. I always end up having to lift the front end up and spray under it manually. I have to clean it every time I use it or the grass buildup is terrible. - It is not rear or AWD. I really dont see the point of a front wheel drive self propel. The back wheels are what are always on the ground. They are what should be self-propelled. I know Husqvarna makes rear and AWD mowers but it just seems a bit silly to me that if your only going to propel 2 wheels then they should be rear ones. - All the wheels feel cheap. I know most mowers now use these same type of plastic wheels but they really do feel cheap. It wouldn't surprise me if I have issues with them in the future as they wear. When I bought this mower I wanted the cheapest self-propelled they had. It pretty much fits that bill. I think though if I had it to do over I would have gone with an AWD model and paid slightly more. August 17, 2014
Bad out of the box I just assembled the mower after purchasing it at Lowe's, added oil and gas. It started on the first pull. Pulled the drive levers and nothing. The front wheels are completely locked up. Will not roll at all, with or without power. Engine on or off. Quality control? Tomorrow it goes back to Lowe's. August 16, 2014
good machine I replaced my Troybilt with this Husqvarna 700F from Lowe's about two years ago and have never had a problem, my Troybilt was much less reliable. Mow just about every week during the spring/summer/fall months as we get decent rainfall which keeps the grass growing. The only problem I have is that the grass catcher bag has completely worn out with a big hole in the back and I have no idea how to go about replacing it. If a Husqvarna rep could get back to me with this, that would be great. The grass catcher bag is the only part that I need to replace, the metal frame is fine. August 15, 2014
Good Value for the money So far the lawn mower has worked very well. It starts very easily and seems to be built quite well, despite some reviews saying otherwise. I have only had two issues. First when you try to pull the lawn mower backwards the front wheels lock up more often than not. The second is when the grass is a little long it will throw un-mulched clippings out of the rear of the machine. Over all I am satisfied with the mower. August 12, 2014
DO NOT BUY THIS MOWER!!!! PLEASES DON'T!!! I have had this mower for 8 months and I live in FL. Since I have had it for 8 months that means I must have used it about 8-10 times. 1st time used seamed very very weak and bogged all the time. It completely stopped working on say the 7ish time. Called Husqvarna and they stated I needed to take it to a shop to see if it was my fault or Husqvarnas and if it is my fault then I need to pay for the diagnostic testing and for the labor and then to get it fixed. I stated to the associate I feel I am about to get hosed aren't I? I asked how often is a costumer actually happy after calling? She kind of chuckled and stated this sort of thing happens often and not very often does a costumer come back positive. That is sad when Husqvarnas own employees know the outcome before they even hang up the phone. After paying $400 for a lawn mower I would expect that thing to work and if doesn't I would expect the company to stand behind there product and make things right. Now I have a 8 month old $400 very large paper weight just sitting there. Thanks a lot Husqvarna!!! You are the greatest....... July 27, 2014
My mower Was really happy to see it started with one pull. Been using for 2 months now and mower has always started with one pull. Drives wheels work good and cut is also very good . Only bad thing I have found is the rear height adjustment are hard to get to and see. July 26, 2014
Want my old one back I had the 2011-12 version of this mower. Other than the flimsy mulch attachment I loved that mower. Never took more than 2 pulls to start it. It had the old choke lever. Also it pulled itself wonderfully. Much to my dismay someone stole my mower last week and I had to replace it. I decided not to read up or study and just get the same thing I had because it was perfect for this 45 female to mow with. I have tried 3 times now to mow with this hu700f and the first problem seems to be that easy-start is harder that heck to start! I'm talking 10-15 pulls to get going. Then once it's finally running the self propelled has very little power and I've noticed sometimes my front wheels spin and don't get traction. Forget about it pulling itself I have to push. Im just sick about this purchase. July 23, 2014
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