Briggs & Stratton, 675e Series, 22 inch


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Husqvarna 675 I've had this mower for about 2 months and dissatisfied about the electric start. It sometimes is a hassle to get the mower started with the electric start. It would be nice to have rear wheel or awd. Other than that it is a great mower July 13, 2014
This model is fair so far I bought this mower and I cut 2 acres of tall grass in North Dakota. It's decent my first mower ever own a little spendy but I run it's mostly weekend haven't had a promblem. June 6, 2014
Worst Mower ever This mower is the worst mower I have ever used to mow my grass. I bought a 4 wheel drive since I have a bank in front of my house. But the mower handle to engage the self propelled is set up that it drags you around the yard at a high rate of speed. And since it is pulling away from you, your hand tighten on the engage self propelled handle and it goes faster. When I push it under a shrub and try to pull it backwards the front wheels do not always release and it is like dragging a boat anchor. If I could trade it in on another mower from Lowes or get some of my money back I would gladly get another mower. April 29, 2014
Terrible I had a Husqvarna mower for less than a year before it blew up. Unlike this one, it had a Kohler engine - terrible engines to begin with - and I see Husqvarna has now switched to Hondas and Briggs & Stratton, maybe learning their lesson. Anyway, originally my mower wouldn't start this year so I called Husqvarna and they told me to take it to their repair center. After a couple weeks (and $82), I got it back, but it still wouldn't start (electrically), I had to manually pull it and after about 10 cranks, it finally came to life. I then mowed about 1/3 acre before the engine blew. I call Husqvarna again and now they tell me I have to call Kohler, which I do and I now have to take it to their repair shop. After the repair shop fights with Kohler over it being a warranty repair, Kohler refuses, saying the engine blew because of "low oil", which it clearly did not. My summation is that there was a problem with the fuel system which the first repair shop "corrected" by making the mixture leaner, which is what blew up the engine, not low oil. I could start the engine with ether before I originally brought it in, it just wouldn't stay running. Long story short, I've gotten nothing but the run around from both Husqvarna and Kohler - as far as I'm concerned it's a Husqvarna problem - and have been unable to find any individuals at either company who gives a darn or is worth talking to. At this point, over 2 months later, I have no mower. I also have a Husqvarna chainsaw that falls apart after about 15 minutes of use. I'll never own another Husqvarna product. August 2, 2013
Nice Mower The mower was easy to set up and once the oil was in started right up. My wife especially likes the electric start. It does a good job of mulching and has the power to do so. I also like the hook up for the garden hose to wash the deck out. July 8, 2013
This product works great The first time I started my mower it ran a foot and quit. No way to do anything to it no fuel shut off no primer button. Called the service center which went to the next place for service. I was told to take it back so I took the mower back to town and they couldn't figure it out so were going to get me a different mower. After calling around and finding one about 80 miles away they could have it shipped and it would take about four days. Needless to say I really didn't want to wait four days. They looked at it again and finally checked the spark plug and replaced it even though the one in it was or looked fine and once the new plug was in it started right away. Not sure what the deal was with it but now it runs and it is great the self propelled feature is great and as long as it keeps running I will be very happy. Plus it is great on gas my yard is very large maybe over an acre and within a hour it was finished. June 7, 2013
E675 is the worst lawnmower i have ever purchased I purchased this lawn mower so my wife would have a power mower while i was on travel. it5 started once and never started for another year. i drained fuel re input fuel and it started once and hasnt started since. Oil and Gas are both drained and new again for the third time but still wont start. Paid over 300 for a lawnmower that has only started two times EVER. Going back to my Craftsman. There is no priming valve or fuel shutoff on this mower so what you see is what you get. June 3, 2013
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