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$ 169.95 $ 149.95 $ 349.95
Extra hardened reel blade and bedknife Included feature Included feature Feature N/A
Sturdy wheels Included feature Included feature Feature N/A
Collector available as accessory Included feature Included feature Feature N/A
Infinite cutting height adjustment Feature N/A Included feature Feature N/A
Drive system
Drive system Push Push Push
Cutting deck
Cutting deck material Steel Steel Steel
Cutting methods Reel Blade and Bedknife Reel Blade and Bedknife Rotating Trimmer Line
Cutting width 16 inch 16 inch 22 inch
Cutting height, min-max (approximate) 0.5 - 1.5 inch 0.5 - 2.25 inch 1.6 - 3 inch
Cutting Height Increments 4 - 6
Cutting height adjustment Individual Quicksets -
Collector type Soft bag Soft bag -
Soft grip yes yes -
Foldable handle yes no yes
Ball bearing wheels yes yes yes
Handle height adjustment - no yes
Handle type -- Flat
Wheel size, front/rear 8 inch/0 inch 8 inch/0 inch 0 inch/12 inch
Weight 20 lbs 19 lbs -
Homeowner Warranty 2 year 2 years 2 YEARS
Commercial Warranty - 0 -
Engine manufacturer -- Briggs & Stratton
Engine type -- Quantum
Engine name -- 625 Series
Cylinder displacement -- 190 cc
Net power at preset rpm -- 2.5 kW @ 3000 rpm
Power -- 3.3 hp
Fuel Tank Volume -- 1 qt