This efficient mower features a compact design, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, and three cutting systems, collection, mulch and side discharge. The handle folds for easy storage and transportation and double ball-bearing wheels ensure smooth operation and durability. The 7021P also offers 4-point, 9 position cutting height adjustment for varying lawn conditions.

Honda, 21 inch


$ 289.95

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  • Handle height adjustment

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HUSQVARNA 7021P 4.4 5 48 48
Really like this mower I purchased my 7021P two years ago, shortly after purchasing our house. Our lot is roughly 1/3 acre, and the rear portion was badly overgrown. The yard slopes gently toward the back and has a number of uneven spots, and our big blue spruce sends out a lot of knobby roots that I have to go over or around. The small electric mower that our former landlady gave us performed woefully, and even though I was still reeling from the cost of our house and have green ideals, I decided that I had to purchase a proper lawnmower. After a little research, I decided that the 7021P looked like a solid machine at a price I could live with, so I bought one. I haven't regretted it. From day one, I don't think I've ever had to pull the starter cord more than three times, and it almost always starts on the first yank. The Honda powerplant has run smoothly for me for 2+ years with minimal maintenance on my part, although it will bog down a little if the deck is set low and I've let the lawn go an extra week. The machine just feels solid, maneuvers well, and overall, I'm very pleased. The only knocks on the mower from my point of view are, one, the rear flap tore off early on - although I don't really miss it - and two, at nearly 6' 3" tall, I find the push bar too low. I'd really like a way to pitch it higher for easier control. I haven't looked to see if there's a longer retrofit available: if there is, I may need to buy it: after mowing the entire yard, my lower back gets pretty tired, if not outright sore. That said, I really enjoy using this mower and I'm glad I bought it. I give it a quick cleaning after each use and keep it covered (unfortunately, I have to store it outside), and it has stayed in nice shape despite two years of regular and sometimes pretty rugged use. I hope to still be pushing it around my yard ten years from now. October 28, 2013
7021P- GREAT MOWER! Arrived quickly.Unpacked,installed bolt handles and added supplied engine oil. Filled with fresh gas and mower started with first pull. Using my old mower was like pushing a sled-mowing with the 7021P is like a walk in the hills-no effort required. Started with max height until preferred height found-extremely quiet and great cut. Mowed front and back yard twice using less than half the fuel of the mower this replaces.Extremely happy with product-can't go wrong with Husqvarna products. October 28, 2013
Good mower for the price I've had my 7021P for a couple of weeks now and it is much better than the old MTD that I had. It is easy enough to push around and seems to cut through high grass with no issues. The bag also performs well and is easy to empty. Overall, I am very pleased with this mower. It's too early to comment on durability or reliability. October 22, 2013
Great Lawnmower I am extremely pleased with my 7021P lawnmower! It starts so easy and the controls are very simple. It feels very light to push and is super maneuverable. It cuts great and it meets all my needs in a mower. I am a 67 year old female and I have absolutely no trouble operating it...I am happy, happy, happy! October 19, 2013
Great Mower After much time spent looking for a good mower at a reasonable price, this mower is what stood out to me. First I wanted a Honda engine because of my long history with many different ones. And the Husqvarna name has been known to be quality from when I was young. Have only owned it for 6 weeks so didn't give it a (5) for durability. Also the grass catcher lets some grass escape from time to time. October 16, 2013
poor mower I bought this paying more then I ever had and sold it for $100 less then I had paid for it after using it 4 times. I mulch and the side discharge lets grass leaves a row of clippings. It mulches worse the Sears mower I bought new for $175 3 years ago. Will never buy HUSQVARNA again.......... September 27, 2013
good mower I purchased this mower after much research to replace my old mower which is knocking. Due to the research I already knew about the handle bolts. This mower is excellent for its price range. I too noticed the deck flex everyone else pointed out. Given this is a budget minded mower the slight flex is acceptable. I unboxed the mower and had it set up in a matter of minutes. Other users were a little put off by the time it takes to full the engine with oil. I tilted the mower to the side and had no issues. The fuel tank has a fill to level indicator which is very practical. The fuel cap is over sized which aids in removal and replacement. The mower started after about three pulls and ran great. The choke, I find, is very easy to use. I didn't notice any unwanted movement with the handle. Over all, this mower is great, I'm very happy. September 19, 2013
Just Right Like Goldilocks, I am very particular about tools and none more so than lawnmowers. I wanted a sturdy, reliable, mulching/bagging push mower and that is exactly what I got - - HUSQVARNA 7021P. The Honda engine provides excellent power and I expect it to last given the light to moderate use it is used for. The high rear wheels and tall handle make for a comfortable session, even with my 6' 3" frame. Starting is effortless and bagging is very good. It takes on tough Bermuda grass as though it were short blue grass. I am also amazed by the fuel economy - I mow a quater acre and the gas tank level barely drops. I understand the mower is actually made by Yard Machines, but it deserves the Husqvarna name plate. It should give excellent service to a home owner since commercial use requires a very robust (spelled "expensive") machines. September 13, 2013
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