This efficient mower features a compact design, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, and three cutting systems, collection, mulch and side discharge. The handle folds for easy storage and transportation and double ball-bearing wheels ensure smooth operation and durability. The 7021P also offers 4-point, 9 position cutting height adjustment for varying lawn conditions.

Honda, 21 inch


$ 289.95

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  • Handle height adjustment

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HUSQVARNA 7021P 4.4 5 48 48
First Mower Great mower for the money. I struggled to find a good quality non-self propelled mower at the local big box retailers, even the one that carries Husqvarna products. Ended up buying the mower from Amazon and couldn't be happier. It was easy to assemble and has started without any fuss since the first use this season. Good power, lightweight and wide cutting path make this an excellent suburban lawnmower. May 8, 2014
Pleased with Product Had previous experience with this mower and very pleased. The first experience was with my lawn care business to do the small trim work that couldn't do with the larger mowers i had. Always easy to start and had no problems with. Eventually i sold all of equipment and had no use for mowers. Bought new home with a small yard a couple of years ago and bought some cheap brands with Briggs & Stratton motors. Thas was a nightmare, should have went with a mower with the Honda powerplant to begin with. Now have this model and extremely pleased with the mower. Bought from a dealer and mower was already prepped. Has started on the first pull ever since i have owned it. Use this one for small areas where i can't get my MZ-52LE into. Keep it clean and nuts and bolts tighten and should last a long time. Use pure gas if possible. Dont forget to add a fuel stabilizer if usage is periodic. April 30, 2014
Fuel and storage -sharing my experience The mower is really great. The handle is indeed flimsy, but not in the epic-fail sense. It just bends a bit too much when maneuvering the mower. The ball bearings in the wheels make is feel light and nimble while pushing. Very little effort required. I cut grass with it all last season and the power and consistent cut can't be beat. Keep the blade sharp. I changed the oil last fall, drained the fuel out of the carb bowl and tank and put a bit of 15W50 in the cylinder for storage. It wouldn't start this spring! Carb metering needle was stuck! I use 90oct ethanol-free fuel. Lesson: When storing, don't drain the fuel bowl. Shut the fuel off while running, let it run down and leave it. April 8, 2014
Plenty of power This was a good price to get a mower with a Honda engine. It has plenty of power and starts on the first pull every time. I have used it in bagging and discharge mode several times and haven't seen a clump on the lawn yet. The mulching works so well, it's the only way I mow now. It keeps the lawn nice and green and the clippings are well hidden. Also, it was very easy to setup. Just cut the box open, turn the four fasteners to erect the handle, add supplied oil and some gas, and it started right up. The auto choke is nice too - no need to mess with priming bulbs or manual choke levers found on cheaper models with the same specs. I'd recommend this mower to anyone. January 5, 2014
Transplanted Texan I bought it because it has a Honda engine. It started out of the box on the second yank of the starter cord. Besides on a regular lawn I used it, on high cutting setting, to knock down the foot and a half tall dried Texas grasses our xeriscape area. It worked best with side discharge because the strong airflow lifted the grass into the blade. I have no way to rate its durability since it is only a couple of months old. December 4, 2013
May be the best mower I have ever had I have had a few other push and self propelled mowers from Honda to Toro etc. This one is the best. It's so light and maneuverable there is no need for self propelled. The only fault I can find may be the handle, it hasn't been a problem, but seems just a little bit flimsy. Buy it! November 25, 2013
7021 First Class Mower. I purchased from a private dealer because they have better warranties and they know their product. Plus if there is a problem, your equipment gets fixed there. Also, spend the extra money to get the Honda Engine. The other engine was good in the old days when Quality was priority in this country. I have Honda & Kawaski for all of my yard equipment and my neighbors love it because they are quiet AND I APPROVE OF THIS MESSAGE! November 24, 2013
Great features, but..... Starts right up, cuts well, but is too heavy to push! October 28, 2013
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