Husqvarna YT42XLS

We developed our LS series yard tractors with the discriminating landowner in mind. Engineered for added durability, comfort, style and precision, our LS series yard tractors all feature fabricated or reinforced decks and a heavy-duty chassis. The efficient, integrated washout port and optional mulch kit make these models ideal for demanding and extensive use. Then the available locking rear differential increases traction while cutting wet grass or on slopes.

Kawasaki, 23 hp, Hydrostatic, 42 inch


$ 2,649.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for YT42XLS

  • Fully pressure-lubricated, two-cylinder Kawasaki engine with oil pump and oil filter. Powerful and quiet.

  • Features a hydrostatic transmission that produces a smooth, variable forward and reverse speed and a pedal operated locking rear differential for increased traction while cutting on slopes or wet grass.

  • Cruise control

    Cruise control

    A convenient, efficient function that ensures the tractor keeps an even speed, even if the lawn is undulating or sloping.

    A convenient, efficient function that ensures the tractor keeps an even speed, even if the lawn is undulating or sloping.

  • Electric Blade Engagement

    Electric Blade Engagement

    Easy engagement of cutting blade/s; simply pull the switch on the control panel.

    Easy engagement of cutting blade/s; simply pull the switch on the control panel.

  • Ensures comfortable and easy mounting and dismounting.

  • Easy accessible cutting height adjustment for improved ergonomics. The spring-assisted cutting deck makes adjustment easier.

  • 15" high back seats are adjustable back and forth for greater comfort.

  • Comfortable steering wheel, angled for optimal driver’s position.

More features

  • Cast iron front axle
  • Anti-scalp wheels
  • Visible fuel level
  • Cup holder

Product reviews for YT42XLS

Husqvarna YT42XLS 4.6 5 15 15
great machine, quality cut, and strong value When I started looking, my criteria were pretty simple. I wanted a deck around 42" and I was willing to spend alittle more money to get a good machine that was gonna last. It's sole purpose was mowing the lawn and it had to have a bagger for fall/spring clean up. I have a Kubota B6100 for other yard chores. I DID NOT want a B&S motor and was on the fence about Kohler. I did alot of research and found the husqvarna had all the options I wanted. Welded 42" deck, kawi motor, cast iron front axle, big bagger, good quality/reputation, good price. The cons: The auto locking rear axle DID NOT work for me, I didn't need it and found it hindered the turning ability unless I was coasting down hill. My yard has lots of tight turns and is hilly, the rear was constantly locking up and tearing up the lawn. I wish husqvarna would make it an option, but they did allow the dealer to swap it for a non locking under warranty. The chassis also has alot of flex to it, I can feel it in the floor and seat, not something I'm used to even on cheap mowers. For comparison sake we used to use old free lawn mowers in place of ATV's growing up and never felt this kind of flex. I only have about 7 hours on it, but feel I made the right choice and feel this machine will last me a long time, I would recommend my dealer, and Husqvarna to anyone looking for a new mower. July 21, 2013
Great yard tractor for the money !!!!!!! After a respectable amount of resurch I purchased a YT42XLS yard tractor. My initial impressions are that the tractor is well built especially the mower deck. I love the kawasaki engin its quiet and never boged down under load. My property is a bit rough and the diferential lock works seamlessly and gives you the traction to power through. The hood is metal and most others arent. Is it built better than a John Deere equivalent? No, However the Husquvarna is half the price, HALF. I have felt the twisting of the frame, however im not sure if thats good or bad yet, flexibility has it's benefits. The mower deck really cuts nicely. At this point with less than 10 hours on the meter i believe that this tractor will provide me many years of reliable service. July 11, 2013
Poor design on deck Chute The large deck chute on this mower tends to drag the ground, then buckles and pops into the air when going in reverse and the deck is even in the middle position. The smaller chute on the YTH48 mower does not drag on the ground and works better than the large one on this mower. Other than that the mower is great. June 21, 2013
Great Mower Traded in yth21K46.The YT42XLS is built like a tank and the Kawasaki engine is smooth and quieter than the K46. Great mower. June 16, 2013
GREAY MACHINE! Great mower with awesome features. Love the deck, very well made and built like a TANK!!! No wonder there is a lifetime warranty on the fabricated decks. Having a locking diff makes this mower well worth the price! Very happy with the power of the Kawasaki 23hp engine. Engine is very smooth and surprisingly quiet. I am very pleased with this tractor. I have shopped around and drove other mowers for a few weeks now and compared to other "high end" competitors, the Husqvarna blows them away with almost everything. I love the pedal control hydrostatic trans and it is very quiet also compared to other competitors, I can't comment on long term use but I can see this tractor lasting a very long time with minimal maintenance. For the price and the features you can't beat this tractor! May 17, 2013
a great combination of quality parts I looked at mowers for weeks before deciding this was the way to go. Simple reasons, fabricated deck, kawasaki engine, under 3000 dollars. I have used it once so far, it cut wonderfully. I have about an acre and a half of hilly tree scattered lawn, the 42" deck fits great between trees and aound flower beds. Im very happy so far with this mower. 5 stars April 29, 2013
New purchase... Just bought this one today. Researched for 2 months. Homed in on Husqvarna..and 2 or 3 models. Owner of dealership very knowledgeable..helped me choose this one...mainly because of Kawasaki engine and the fabricated deck.Will pick new assembled one up in a week...will follow up this posting after I do first cut. April 27, 2013