Husqvarna FT900

The weight and size of this tiller makes it extremely easy to handle, maneuver, transport and store. This machine is perfect for homeowners who want to prepare garden patches and flower beds without using a spade. And that's just the beginning, with this tiller you can do so much more. Powered by reliable, easy-start Briggs & Stratton engines, the FT900 is equipped with carrying handles for easy handling before and after use.

Briggs & Stratton, 900 OHV Series, 9 lb-ft, 26 inch


$ 449.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for FT900

  • One gear forward and one reverse, for easy operation, maneuverability and transport.

  • Easy-adjust drag bar, for balance in different working conditions.

More features

  • Reverse gearbox
  • OHV Engine

Product reviews for FT900

Husqvarna FT900 4.3 5 74 74
Good value for the money Well built machine but bad gas will hurt the carb. April 26, 2012
durability The frame is to light for the power on this tiller. The first day of use I had to remove the wheel assembly because it would not support the weight of the tiller. I'm thinking about taking it back to Lowe's and getting my money back. April 23, 2012
Ergonomics I have found that the handles at their lowest level are not low enough. I am 5' 9" and would like to have the ability to lower the handles even more. The paddle controls on the handle bars should be rotated 120 degrees so that your fingers are holding the paddles down and not the palm of your hand. April 18, 2012
Great tiller I wanted a front tiller that would go in reverse and be able to handle myself without having to wait for my husband to start it for me. This tiller started the first pull after unloading it from the truck. Tilled the almost dry garden without a problem and is so easy to follow and adjust the depth of tilling. The best is that it goes in reverse so can get right into the corners and back right out of them. Don't have to take all the fence down. April 3, 2012
Ergonomics? I find the power reverse level to be in a BAD position. If the tiller starts to bounce due to hard ground the lever tend to hit your wrist. That doesn't feel too good. Other than that I like it. I have used it to break a 50 X 50 garden plot. April 2, 2012
FT900 I purchased a Husqvarna from Lowes and when I got it home I found it had been exposed to the weather to long and the rubber parts were rotted and the metal gas tank was begining to rust. I started it and it ran rough and oil came out the exhaust. This one did not have a Bridge engine. I returned it to Lowes upon the advise of Husqvarna. My son has a FT900 with a Bridges engine and I like it just fine. April 1, 2012
The FT900 is a decent tiller. The thing I don't care for is it idles too fast. This causes the machine to jump too much. The tillers I owned previously could be idled down for slower tilling. When idling down the FT900, it has the tendency to die. March 29, 2012
Powerful Been using my Dad's old Craftsman front tine 24" tiller for the last 5 years. My garden spot is approximately 50ft by 100ft and it was taking at least twice as long to till as it does now. one pull on the starter rope instead of 400. I just re-tilled this year and have have tilled rocks out that are as big as basketballs. I thought the the tines on the old craftsman were just bouncing off roots until the Husqvarna went through and snatched them right out. The only thing I'm not impressed with is the reverse feature. You basically have to stand the tiller up on the tines, pull it, and hope that there's enough solid ground under them for the reverse of any use. In tilled ground it's absolutely useless. Otherwise it's been a great tiller so far. March 24, 2012
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