Husqvarna DRT900H

The dual rotating tines on the DRT900H provide deep soil tilling on densely packed earth as well as older lawns. The DRT900H also features drive wheels with heavy tread tires for optimized grip, forward and reverse gear for easy operation and a powerful Honda engine for landowners that need reliable performance time after time.

Honda, GCV160, 6.9 lb-ft, 17 inch


$ 799.95

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Features for DRT900H

  • One gear forward and one reverse, for easy operation, maneuverability and transport.

  • Heavy treads provide better grip in cultivated and muddy soil.

  • Easy-adjust drag bar, for balance in different working conditions.

More features

  • Reverse gearbox
  • OHV Engine

Product reviews for DRT900H

Husqvarna DRT900H 4.3 5 42 42
Best TIller Ever After owning different tillers through the years, and literally being beat up, this tiller is the most comfortable easy using tiller I have owned. This model is very easy to start and tears up the hard clay of Arizona like is was running in sand. I love this tiller and would recommend to everyone. October 14, 2012
Tiller does what it's told. DRT900H is a decent unit. Love the ol' one pull Honda on it. Tills excellent in forward or reverse mode. Bunch of people complaining how it's tricky to shift. Well it wasn't made by Ford. Show me a tiller that shifts like butter then complain about this one. November 14, 2013
DRT900H Bought at a Lowe's. Pre assembled. Nothing was tight. Handle on left side was mounted so you have to hold it down. I turned it around and placed the lever under the handle so you could grip it safer. Very hard to hold it as the diagram on this web site shows. Belt guard design problem. Not enough clearance. Makes a rubbing noise any time unit runs. Some thing is not right. Have seen this posted before. Runs ok. Started on 2nd pull. Before using check assembly this was unit was not correct. November 9, 2013
Great rotor tiller Great rotor tiller DRT900H. Very easy to use. I have hard packed rocky ground. The 900 goes right through no rock jams and plenty of power. I really like forward and reverse rotating option. Very happy with the DRT900H tiller. July 29, 2013
My DRT900H My vegetable garden is about 1/2 acre. I was in need of a new tiller and wanted a rear tine tiller. I bought my tiller at the end of May 2013. Before my purchase, I compared the Husqvarna with a Cub Cadet. I selected the Husqvarna mostly because of my respect for the Husqvarna name and its reputation; equal respect for the Honda engine (I have several outdoor equipment instruments with Honda engines); and also because this tiller offers a gear driven transmission (rather than the chain driven transmission with the Cub Cadet). I have been mostly satisfied with the product. It's performance as both a tiller and cultivator is excellent--top notch in both. I have no complaints at all in that regard. The Honda engine starts very easily and runs quietly and with practically no vibration. My disappointment has been mostly with the handling of the tiller. It is a little clumsy to operate in several respects: My left hand gets tired holding the wheel clutch (you really have to exert steady strength to hold the clutch); the transmission seems a little cheesy--and it is sometimes difficult to shift from forward to cultivating or tilling modes. Turning is also a bit difficult. But overall I am very satisfied with my tiller and would recommend it to others. June 29, 2013
Shifting not good. handles should each have clutch so you don't have to walk in the ground you just tilled going one way. Very poor shifting from forward to reverse. Only half way through first season and had to tighten bolts falling off, rattles coming from belt guard. Engine starts easy and runs great June 26, 2013
engine issues I bought this new at Fleet Farm last fall, tilled the garden, winterized(no fuel in it) We go to use it this spring and does not idle or run. I use 91 octane NO ETHANOL fuel in any small engines or the boat. We have a chainsaw, lawn tractor, push mowers, generator's that run like champs. Local authorized dealer said the carb is bad. We shall see. Worked great the one time we used it. This spring when we needed it..well no go. Wound up digging by hand and shop said could be a month or more. My guess is that Briggs will have to honor the warranty since Mfg. defect? June 16, 2013
Great little roto-tiller My new DRT900H roto-tiller is a great little machine. It starts especially easily and runs very smoothly and quietly (relatively speaking). The ability to power the tilling in forward OR in reverse (all whilst moving forward) is just excellent. Brilliant design. It does a great job of tearing up sod and turning it into a soft bed of dirt -- extremely effective. Downside: Why is it that every roto-tiller ever invented has that stupid shift mechanism?? It can be impossible to get it in gear sometimes, without messing around to get it to engage. There must be some smart mechanical engineer somewhere who can improve that poor design. (ALL power roto-tillers seem to be exactly the same) Other than the shifter this purchase was a good one and I can recommend it highly. One more thing -- the pressure handle you hold down whilst in power mode has too much resistance and tires the hand after awhile. It ought to have a "tipping point", past which it loses some of its resistance so it's less tiring on the hand but will still spring back when let go. (ALL roto-tillers seem to have this problem too). June 16, 2013
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