Husqvarna CRT900

The CRT900 is ideal for frequent use - ploughing, cultivation and ridging. Counter-rotating tines and high rotational speed make light work of your toughest projects in the yard. Equipped with a reliable, easy to sart Briggs & Strattone engine with forward and reverse gears for improved maneuverability around the garden.

Briggs & Stratton, 900 OHV Series, 9 lb-ft, 14 inch


$ 599.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for CRT900

  • For safe and sturdy operation. The counterweight increases weight on the wheels and improves balance.

  • One gear forward and one reverse, for easy operation, maneuverability and transport.

  • Tines rotate counter-clockwise for deep-soil penetration and better garden bed preparation.

  • Heavy treads provide better grip in cultivated and muddy soil.

  • Easy-adjust drag bar, for balance in different working conditions.

More features

  • Reverse gearbox
  • OHV Engine

Product reviews for CRT900

Husqvarna CRT900 4.3 5 55 55
"out of Luck" My tiller was purchased brand new from Pacific tractor in Hillsboro Oregon. It never shifted easily and after 8 uses (8hrs) i took it back to the dealer for a check up. They told me the transmission is forever broke and there are no parts to fix it!!!! Guess i'll not go back there, unless it's to throw the thing in the parking lot!!! April 13, 2014
Great Tiller Had my last tiller 20 years, decided it was time for a new one. Did much research and the CRT900 seemed to have best value for required capabilities. Well-made, powerful, neutral and reverse gears. Great tiller, recommend. March 12, 2014
Husqvarna CRT900 tiller After ~5 hrs of use, very pleased with the tiller. Assembly out of very sturdy shipping box was easy. Tiller did well in hard, pebble-laden soil as well as in sodded area. Relatively easy to control after a couple hours of use. Doing several passes with increasing tilling depth rather than attempting to do everything in one pass makes it easier on man (or woman) and machine. Shifting transmission is a little balky, annoying sometimes. Engine stopped right away when big pebbles/rocks blocked tines, without breaking anything or cutting shear pins - which is good IMHO. Engine is easy to start so far. Changing oil is somewhat messy as there's no extension of the drain to put a container under. Engine came WITH oil (B&S engine manual says otherwise). Mechanical impression: weakest part is transmission - feels insubstantial compared to the rest of the machine. Not so pleased with dealer (L) where tiller was bought - unreliable delivery. September 9, 2013
It is a beast I have had this tiller now for 12 years and still going strong. had only one issue and that was a bad gear from the factory but customer service took care of me and my tiller. What can you say bad about a company that stands behind what they sell. I have also hit a couple of bricks in the yard where I wanted the garden and BROKE them with no problem. (I would not recommend trying it) this says something about how durable it is and tilling I placed it in the yard on grass that had been there for years and tilled it up as deep as it would go on the first pass. Try that anyone else. looked like there was no grass to start. I'll put this tiller against any tiller out there. hands down it is one of the best. August 25, 2013
My favorite yard tool I've been using my tiller for about a month. It was the 4th one I got after returning 3. I love it! It starts first pull every time and has good power. I am reshaping my mountainous yard a little at a time and haven't heard the engine struggle. It does stop when a rock jams it up but I consider that good. With my yard it will find plenty of rocks and will get a real test. I hesitated about paying $599 but I am so glad I did. July 30, 2013
Better than Troy Bilt! Love my new Husqvarna CRT900! I have owned many tillers in the past and this is the top of the line. Does it's intended job with serious efficiency. The ease of starting and depth adjustment is amazing! I first tilled an established garden edge and it dug in perfectly and layed down a smooth path of finely ground soil in one pass. Next to the new garden spot and it worked at cutting sod like a champ. Here in clay soil Missouri this performance is fantastic! Sweet tiller and a grand bargain over others. June 12, 2013
Engine Locked Down After 8 hours use My brother-in-law and I went together and purchsed this tiller in April 2011. We have used an old front tine tiller for years (over 20). We decided to get a rear-tine before we started the garden in 2011. We purchased this unit from ACE Hardware. Worked fine in 2011 and mostly thru 2012. At the end of the 2012 season the engine started to puff out black smoke on several occassions. This would last about 10 seconds then it would clear up. Engine never bogged down or anything - just the smoke. Went to start the unit this year and it would not start. Finally got it to turn over but then it locked down to the point that you could lift the unit off the ground with the pull rope. Took a pipe wrench and turned the shaft and felt the internals grinding. I took it to a friend to look at and the cylinder walls were eat up with the piston seized to the walls. There were pieces of metal in the top of the cylinder. This unit has less than 8 hours on it. The recommended oil change is 25 hours. We hadn't even made it to that point. For the price we paid I would have expected more out of a name-brand such as husquvarna. I have owned 2 stringtrimmers made by Husky and had issues with both of them. Should have learned my lesson. This will be my last purchse of anything orange. June 11, 2013
Good performer After extensive research, my husband and I settled on the CRT900. Reasons? 1-taller wheels, so less likely to 'bog' in dirt; 2-rear tine action means no "bouncing" on soil surface; 3-unit seemed solidly built. First, there was no bogging. We have clay and the tiller wasn't even bothered. Worked our garden wonderfully with absolutely no problems. The only problem we had was figuring how to put the handle lock into the handle. #newbies here# Once we figured that silly little thing out, we followed the steps given in a short YouTube video online, powered it up, and went to work. Both of us got behind the "wheel", maneuvering the tiller through tight spots with little problems. Shifting sometimes was difficult #wouldn't go into forward, but would go into forward w/ tines#. All in all a good machine. We will be installing grass later this year/early next, so will be tilling about 1500 sq. ft. worth of area. I look forward to using this tiller, since our 26 x 10 ft. garden tilled with such ease! Only problem was the Husqvarna manufacturing location that wasn't paying attention to our order. Fortunately Lowe's interceded for us so we could get our tiller after waiting over 3 weeks. May 12, 2013
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