HUSQVARNA 455 Rancher

The 455 Rancher is an ideal saw for landowners and part-time users who require a high powered, heavy-duty and responsive workmate for all cutting conditions. It combines the best characteristics of its predecessor with new, facilitating technology and ergonomics.

55.5 cc, 3.5 hp, 13"-20", 12.8 lbs


$ 419.95

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Features for 455 Rancher

  • X-Torq®


    Delivers lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emission levels in accordance with the world´s most stringent environmental regulations.

    Delivers lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emission levels in accordance with the world´s most stringent environmental regulations.

  • Facilitates cleaning and replacement of the air filter.

  • Allows for easier starting and reduces the risk of engine flooding.

  • Centrifugal air cleaning system removes larger dust and debris particles before reaching the air filter. This results in reduced air filter cleanings and improved engine life.

  • Easier access to chain tensioning device.

  • Forged three-piece crankshaft for maximum durability for the toughest applications.

  • Better grip and a 7° offset handle reduces fatigue.

  • System designed to reduce vibration levels to the operator, which lessens fatigue.

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Product reviews for 455 Rancher

HUSQVARNA 455 Rancher 4.7 5 683 683
A++++ a good all around saw. a lot of power and easy to use December 27, 2012
Great Product I have used the saw once and with only one minor flaw encountered. The saw performs well. December 25, 2012
Workhorse I bought my saw 2 years ago, and other than replacing a chain have had no problems. I own a rental property in western Colorado, and when I bought the property it had been empty for 11 years, my saw started up right out of the box, and went to work. I have used my saw to cut down multiple sizes and types of trees up to 40 inches wide, and as long as the chain is sharp, and the saw is kept clean, it saws through all types and sizes of wood like a hot knife through soft butter. I also think the power and throttle response is excellent. December 24, 2012
455 Rancher Best cutting saw I have used,and I've used a lot of them. Holds up to any cutting needs that I come across A very dependable saw,easy to maintain. December 24, 2012
Rancher 455 I recently had to bring my old saw, a Husky 65cc that used to belong to my Father-in-law, to the shop and was left without a saw after a big storm here in Northern California. There were a couple of old oaks that had been blown over during the storm and had blocked our driveway and I needed a new saw, so I purchased the Rancher 455. The saw performed flawlessly, and cut up those oaks like butter! The reduced vibration technology was awesome, and I love the compression release button feature to restart the saw. December 23, 2012
Rancher 455 My only problem with the saw so far is that it was eating up the chain than ran on the sprocket. It damaged the chain bad enough that it would not run on the bar after a while. I took it to the local dealer and he replaced the sprocket at my cost and it appears to be working ok after that. December 17, 2012
Easy Homeowner Machine This chain out of the box was up and running in minutes. Just added chain oil and fuel and it was ready for some clean up work. Easily powered through several 50' plus tree trunks and limbs. Totaly fits my needs. December 12, 2012
Satisfied landowner. Having had several smaller chainsaws in the past, I wanted something with a little more guts to handle larger sizes of logs for firewood. the 455 exceeded my expectations. Enough pwer to handle 16 to 24 inch logs yet light enough that I could handle it for hours. Very dependable and fuel efficient. What more could I ask for December 11, 2012
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