Husqvarna 440

Lightweight and efficient all-round saw, ideal for those looking for a chainsaw that is exceptionally easy to start and manuever. Featuring X-Torq® engine for lower fuel consumption and reduced emission levels. Equipped with Smart Start®, fuel pump and Auto return stop switch for easier starting. Side mounted chain tensioner for earier chain tensioning.

40.9 cc, 2.4 hp


$ 299.00

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for 440

  • Centrifugal air cleaning system removes larger dust and debris particles before reaching the air filter. This results in reduced air filter cleanings and improved engine life.

  • X-Torq®


    Delivers lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emission levels in accordance with the world´s most stringent environmental regulations.

    Delivers lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emission levels in accordance with the world´s most stringent environmental regulations.

  • Allows for easier starting and reduces the risk of engine flooding.

  • Easier access to chain tensioning device.

  • Forged three-piece crankshaft for maximum durability for the toughest applications.

  • System designed to reduce vibration levels to the operator, which lessens fatigue.

  • The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort.

  • Reduces the likelihood of injury due to kickback.

Product reviews for 440

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wont buy a Husqvarna again I got my 440 ! it was hard to start ! got it running at the end only to have the it sized or so the dealer says and he recon not enough two stroke in my fuel ! But running my still on the same fuel 50:1 mix ! I have my still 10 years now never missed a beat ! never ever been so disappointed in my life ! Will be staying with still from now on ! January 27, 2014
Did everything I asked I've used chain saws for 40+ years and have owned most major brands. None have taken the use I've given this Husq and performed consistently as well. I did have a problem never had on any other brand, mechanism for chain brake broke but Lowe's covered it under warranty and replaced it. I'm confident the replacement will be everything the original was. The way I use my chain saws (use / storage for weeks / use / storage, etc.) other chain saws have not held up with the use/storage cycles I have. It starts consistently and performs well. I've seen some complain about not idling after start-up; if a chain saw idle is set correctly it will not idle until if warms up fully and that is not within the 1st minute after cranking but after a few minutes of use. The only chain saws I ever had that idled right after cranking were idling too high after warm up. Many other brands of 18" chain saws tend to be underpowered and bog down when cutting anything near 18" but this one does it for me consistently. Great saw, I highly recommend it especially for property owners. If I were a professional wood cutter, I would probably still use this saw on anything smaller than 18" diameter. January 22, 2014
Cheap Components Purchased 10-31-14 and after the first time used I had to put it in the shop to have the chain oiler replaced due to complete failure. It would empty the entire reservoir in a matter of hours not running. Used twice after finally receiving it back and had to return it to the shop again due to the gas leaking from the air intake nipple. I just finished using it for the first time after getting it back again and so far so good. Highly frustrating to purchase a brand new chainsaw and have major problems such as that right off the start. Especially from a supposedly GREAT name brand. So pros? Light weight, easy to use once you get the low/high idle adjusted (you would think that would have been ready to go out of the box but instead mine kept dieing on me during idle), will handle a good range of tree sizes, good warranty deals (have used twice thus far unfortunately). But all-in-all, wish i had bought a Skill instead. Sorry Husqvarna; you just didn't live up to the glory that I had always heard growing up. What happened? January 19, 2014
First Chainsaw; Great choice We just purchased a new house in rural area with trees around the property; also, the house has wood stove insert for heating. We did not need the super big series saws but wanted to be able to cut up fire wood and possibly a storm tree blow over if needed. this has been a good saw so far with easy starting and {after a little run time} correct idle out of the box. I have taken down two trees now and have no bad statement about this saw. So far I have used it for all that I had planned and very happy with the use. I decided on this saw for the price and ability to put on an eighteen inch bar if need arises. January 18, 2014
awsome,,saw i have run other saws, that i thought were really good saws,,,,this saw is the best of the best, for me because i run them hard. December 3, 2013
Would recommended this to product to anyone Great saw, works well, meets my needs and easy to start. My only negative comment is that the instruction manual needs to be clearer, specialy in connections with changing the chain. December 2, 2013
This chainsaw performed very well. The ergonomics', ease of starting, and light weight of this product is exceptional. It performed very well, cutting logs easily with plenty of power and low vibration which eases the stress on the arms and back muscles. There was only a few instances where the chain came off the sprocket, but that was because the tension became loose on the chain. I would recommend this product to a friend. November 24, 2013
Good saw for the money This was my first chainsaw. I've used it over the last six months to cut about five cords of firewood. Most of that was trees blown down during storms that had been down for at least a year. They were well seasoned. Occasionally I had sparks coming off of the chain, especially when I tried to cut well-seasoned Black Locust. Filing by hand seems to do well with keeping the chain sharp. The saw produces good power for its size. I'm sure a bigger saw would do better, but it's also more expensive. I gave it a "4" on durability only because I had an issue with the starter mechanism. Somehow it fused itself together and would not retract the rope. I had to take it apart, figure out the problem, re-install the very long spring, and re-wind the rope. It works fine again, although I did order a new starter assembly to keep on hand. It occasionally can be difficult to start, as in it may take many pulls over the span of three or four minutes before it starts. Usually, though, following the instructions makes it fire right up. I have to agree with the other reviews, in that sometimes it fails to idle correctly. I've sat it down for as long as two minutes before and it just keep humming right away. I've also let off the throttle for a mere five seconds and had the saw die. Hot starts are randomly difficult. Sometimes setting the high idle results in a one pull start. Sometimes it takes a while. Overall I'm still very happy with the saw. With these chains, I've never had it kick back, either. November 21, 2013
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