Husqvarna 580BFS is the most powerful commercial back pack blower designed for demanding tasks. Large air flow and high air speed are provided by an efficient fan design together with the powerful X-Torq® engine. Commercial grade air filter gives long operating time and trouble free use. The harness has wide shoulder straps. Frame mounted throttle.

75.6 cc, 907.6 cfm, 25.79 lbs


$ 579.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for 580BFS

  • The X-Torq® engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%.

  • Well-protected throttle control located on left-hand side of the frame.

  • The 2-stage intake air filtration ensures long operation periods in dusty conditions.

  • The powerful and easy to start X-Torq® engine in combination with efficient fan design delivers high air speed and air flow.

Product reviews for 580BFS

HUSQVARNA 580BFS 4.7 5 7 7
This product has great features The little time I have had my blower it has saved me time when doing other people's yards. It's not that expensive and it doesn't weigh alot. I am very happy with my blower and the job it does. January 19, 2013
"Been Blowin" I can tell you I've used all different kinds of commercial equipment. Redmax,Stihl,Echo,and Shin to be specific. This is a Redmax design 8500. What I like about the Husky 580 BFS ? The upgraded straps and the upgraded filter system vs the Redmax straps and filter system on this particular machine. I feel like the upgraded filter system may give this particular unit more life. Not only that, but the fact it blows an amazing 900 + CFM at the pipe. Its the best out in my opinion at the present time. We all know its better to have CFM and not want, rather than want and not have enough CFM. Its your call. Absolutely a winner and top notch for my needs. November 10, 2012
What a machine! I have used another companies mid-price consumer oriented backpack blower, which on my 2 acre wooded lot was simply outclassed. We live in a forest vice having a few trees on the property. This blower moves about 3 times the air as my old blower, and if I had known what i was missing, I would have bought this one years ago. It has literally cut my time in half. It is a bit loud, so get some hearing protection. But that is to be expected on such high performance gear. It is also heavy, but it is so well padded and supported that it is less of a problem than my old blower. October 26, 2012
Great power The only problem with this blower is that the pleated paper air filter passes really fine dust so to prevent dusting the engine I spray the foam pre filter with K & N filter oil. I know this first hand because I dusted two blowers before I figured out what was happening. February 17, 2012
Verry Good Blower This blower is as good as blowers get. I was a little disappointed when I got it, because I was hoping it would blow me off my feet. Although it doesn't blow me over it will move small rocks if you get up close to them. Which is primarily what I bought this for. I have a few big jobs with planting beds filled with small rocks, that trap tons of pine needles, none of my smaller blowers would get them out, so I bought this, and it did a great job. January 31, 2012
awesome power I have only used it for about 2 hours and so far I'm very impressed. It has tons of power. The harness is very comfortable. The only con is that its louder than similar models. December 4, 2011
580 BFS Best blower I have ever had!!! I run a landscaping business and use blowers often. This has exceeded any other blower I have ever used. It's actually hard to keep up with this blower, sometimes you can't walk fast enough to keep up with the work it's doing. It definitely goes through the gas, but compared to echo 600's it moves enough leaves to make up for that. It's totally worth the cost for this blower. November 30, 2011
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