Revolutionary handheld blower that combines high power with state-of-the-art ergonomic design. The blower tube is engineered to be in line with the handle, minimizing rotational force on the wrist. The 125B blower is perfect for homeowner use. Comes complete with a flare nozzle for higher air speed and a Vac-Kit for vacuuming/mulching lawn debris.

28 cc, 425 cfm, 170 mph, 9.6 lbs


$ 199.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for 125BVx

  • The blower can be turned into a lawn vacuum to collect debris.

  • When using vac capability, mulching knives reduce material and increase bag capacity.

  • The fan housing is engineered so that the air stream is in line with the handle. This reduces stress on the wrist and arm.

  • Stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for easier starting.

  • Fan speed can be set for easier handling.

  • The blowing tube length is adjustable for best performance.

  • The controls are well gathered and easy to access.

  • Removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting.

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Product reviews for 125BVx

HUSQVARNA 125BVx 4.3 5 240 240
Blower Was Okay, But the Husqvarna warranty was terrible! This blower worked great for the first three months I had it. I used it about five times to blow my driveway and walkway and vacuumed some leaves. The blower was really powerful. The vacuum sucked up and mulched leaves okay, but got clogged a few times. However, during the sixth time I used it, the engine just shut off. It was leaking fuel and would not start again, so I took it to one of the Husqvarna repair centers, and they told me the fuel line had failed and that fuel lines were not covered under warranty. The service guy said he has repaired several of these with the same problem, so it sounds like a manufacturer's defect. It was repaired and is working good now, but the whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth. Be aware! October 1, 2012
It's got the power The blower starts great every time. I use the blower to clean up everything. It's got good power and control, love piling leaves with it! Great power tool. September 29, 2012
Great unit Very pleased with this blower. Easy to start. Does the Job! September 29, 2012
great features I love the easy start and the way it it handles. The power it great for blowing the leaves off my property and it is light enough so it does not strain your shoulder if you use it for a long period. It can also be used as a vacuum. September 20, 2012
Disappointed with initial startup After researching blowers on the internet, I decided to spend a little more and purchase the 125BVX model. The blower looks great. But, I had a hard time starting the blower, after carefully following the instructions. Once started, the blower would reverberate, with the air speed swinging at a constant trigger setting. Called tech service : They gave me two shops to have the carburetor adjusted. I called them both - one would not do the work, the other one was closed due to a fire. I am not very happy. September 17, 2012
Hand held Pile of manure Works for 3 months and then dies, replaced by lowes, works for 3 months and dies again. September 16, 2012
If only it would idle.... Would give item 5 stars if I could get it to idle. I returned my original purchased blower for the same reason. Runs great while the choke is engaged. It runs great at full throttle. The problem starts when you let it idle. If it idles for more that 5 to 10 seconds, it shuts off. Mixed 3 different cans of gas with the same result. Guess its just one of those things. September 15, 2012
This Blower is POWERFUL!!! Best handheld blower!!! Very easy to start. The power is Super Strong which makes my yard work a breeze. Vibration is a minimum to the arms. Have not yet used the vacuum, but sure look forward to the fall leaves! September 13, 2012
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