Revolutionary handheld blower that combines high power with state-of-the-art ergonomic design. The blower tube is engineered to be in line with the handle, minimizing rotational force on the wrist. The 125B blower is perfect for homeowner use.

28 cc, 425 cfm, 170 mph, 9.4 lbs


$ 159.95

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HUSQVARNA 125B 2.8 5 141 141
Very Satisfied with my Purchase This is the best purchase on a blower that I have ever made, very light and very easy to start, Price was great, was expecting to pay more, but still satisfied with my investment, maybe purchasing more Husqvarna Products, ie Zero turn Mower, If you purchase one, you will be very Please March 18, 2014
Got 1-1/2 years out of it I'm in my late 50's, work on my own stuff and consider myself competent to operate most tools and keep them well maintained. I bought this leaf blower because I have a Husqvarna chain saw that is awesome and works great. I use the leaf bower for about 5-10 minutes per week, mostly to clean lawn cuttings off driveway and sidewalk. Did not use it for blowing leaves. We have local access to non-ethonal permium gas and Husqvarna 2 stroke oil. Kept the gas fresh and properly mixed. Bought this leaf blower from Country Homes in Spokane, WA. Took many pulls to start, but it did run, had problems at idle. Took it back to Country Homes, they said they would adjust it to work correctly. After several days I called, they had to send it somewhere else because it had carb problems. Got it back, it started a little easier (5-10 pulls) but would not stay at idle more than 5 seconds then it would die. Used it for the season, drained fuel and stored ti. Next season I put fresh fuel in, cleaned the air filter and and it ran several uses, then would only run with the choke on. I took it back again to Country Homes and told them I was disappointed with it and that it never did run correctly. The tech said I had to bring it in to keep it running and was rude (maybe having a bad day). At that point I gave it away to a local fellow that likes to tinker on junk. March 18, 2014
NewYard I bought this blower to replace a 40v non pug in electic machine from a big box store. I am newer to 2cycle engines.. I havent pulled the rip cord on one in about 10 years. I love this little blower. I bought it at Lowes who price matched a local retailer who isnt opened on weekend and the sales guy explained the exteneded warranty. I understand you need to use the correct fuel now and car gas will wrech the motor. All in all its a great way to cut the cord and not replace expencive batteries... Anything that will blow rocks is pleny strong enough! March 4, 2014
125B Blower I found that the unit is as described by the advertising. It will be ease to use. The abjustment screws for the carburetor could be made with a conventional screwhead as my unit did require a bit of tweeking of the carburetor. At this point I am quite satisfied and looking forward to summer to use the unit, although I have used it this winter to clear a light snowfall. March 1, 2014
Very Nice features Lightweight- easy start. I like the recommended fuels which doubles the warranty January 23, 2014
Design Issue The blower would not maintain a constant speed. The high speed needle valve needed adjustment, but that required a special tool which was not provided. To fix this simple problem required a road trip to a service technician. (A ridiculous design). January 6, 2014
Nice product but it has carb issues I like this product, I don't like the carb issues that come along with it. I purchased a 125B form Lowe's and also purchased the extended /free replacement warranty. After a few uses it began to lose power and then died and would not start. I returned it and they gave me a new one. I use fresh gas & Husqvarna oil mixture, so that is not the issue. My new one is running fine, but it is only 2 months old. The unit works well, has power, is lightweight, easy to start normally, and just a nice product. Now if they would only fix the carb issue. January 6, 2014
This product has great features From the very first this blower was easy to start,is light weight and has the power for all my outdoor needs. December 24, 2013
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