Revolutionary handheld blower that combines high power with state-of-the-art ergonomic design. The blower tube is engineered to be in line with the handle, minimizing rotational force on the wrist. The 125B blower is perfect for homeowner use.

28 cc, 425 cfm, 170 mph, 9.4 lbs


$ 159.95

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HUSQVARNA 125B 2.8 5 143 143
this product is junk! I was sold a bill of goods w/ this tool! I have had nothing but problems for over 2 years. unit is once again in the shop and waiting word on its overall condition. I will not put a dime into a repair because I have lost faith in the product performance . really disappointed in what I thought was going to be a "GREAT" buy. no more HUSQVARNA for this guy. SCRANTON,PA. June 4, 2014
Used it for two summers and died Bought this unit in 2011, fall. Used it for a month, then used it for the next two summers. I had to change the spark plug twice. Now, it will not run start at all. Changed the spark plug again, created a new fuel mixture, checked the air filter, checked to make sure I have a spark, but it all feels like there is no compression. This was a $200 blower and I have to say that the only reason I spent the money was because of the Husqvarna name. I am taking this blower tomorrow to my repair shop to see what he can do. I'm not happy at all and I'm not sure if I'll even buy Husqvarna again. Beware, and do your homework before you spent this much money for a blower. June 3, 2014
Too much vibration through handle My unit is a 2011 model. I use it seasonally as a homeowner. I wish there was not so much vibration through the handle. I just took it back to the dealer to see if they could reduce the vibration by making it run smoother. The mechanic made a few carb adjustments, then told me that was as good as it gets, it's the nature of the beast. I'm glad I don't have to use it all day. I should have tried it out before purchase. It did have the higher wind speed and better price over some competitors at the time of purchase. May 12, 2014
Pine Needles Bought this blower for the pesky pine needles and leaves that build up at a business I take care of. I have also used this blower to remove light snow, it works so much better then a broom. So far great blower for the price. April 25, 2014
Great for the price I have owned echo blowers up until I bought this one. Glad I did. Seems to be lighter and the throttle response is better. Love the balance of the blower for 1 hand operation. Have only used it 7 or 8 times but I am very happy so far. April 15, 2014
Don't buy this garbage This thing is junk. Worked great for about 10 months, then the problems that many other people have experienced (from what I'm reading) came about. I replaced the fuel line system because it completely deteriorated. Now it will not maintain a constant speed. A lot of times it is very difficult to start. I use to have as Stihl blower and never had any problems with it. Don't know why I didn't buy another Stihl. My next blower will definitely be one. I'm still tweaking and replacing parts on this blower to try and get some of my 159$ out of it that I spent. You know there's a problem with this blower when you see about 1/2 of the reviews having the same issues. Very poor product! Don't buy this! April 11, 2014
This product is great for the price. For the relatively inexpensive price I paid, this is a very durable little blower. April 4, 2014
Will not last I bought two of these blowers less than 2years ago the have both been back to dealer for repairs once and I took one in today that hadn't ran since last fall he checked the compression and said well it's gone .I will never own another husqvarna blower April 1, 2014
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