Revolutionary handheld blower that combines high power with state-of-the-art ergonomic design. The blower tube is engineered to be in line with the handle, minimizing rotational force on the wrist. The 125B blower is perfect for homeowner use.

28 cc, 425 cfm, 170 mph, 9.4 lbs


$ 159.95

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HUSQVARNA 125B 2.8 5 138 138
A GREAT blower, but needs fuel line improvement The 125B is everything the average homeowner could want in a blower, but the material Husqvarna chose to use for its fuel lines will dissolve in 5 to 6 months if gasoline with 10% ethanol is used. My local dealer used a different type of tubing to replace my dissolved ones, but it's about a $60 repair which warranty will not cover. Other than that, I think it's the best blower for the money. October 26, 2012
poor design bought this blower less than 1 year ago and already failed due to fuel lines failing. Husky knows of this problem and you would think they would put on fuel lines that would last. They still will not cover under warranty. cost me $40.00. I have purchased my LAST husqvarna product. October 24, 2012
Starts and runs perfect I bought a Homelite, it was cheaper. Took 20 Plus tries to start. Had to return it. The husqvarna stared on the second gentel pull right out of the box. I aways use no achol gas with seafoam additive in my 50:1 Gas/oil mixture. It seems to keep all my 2 cycle engins runing forever. This has got to be the finest blower I"ve ever owned. Very little vibration no twisting of the wrist going to full power. Love all there products. This one is a winner. October 22, 2012
Fuel Line Malfunction / Bad Design for repairs / Poor Materials If I had written this review after I first purchased the unit,,, I would have given a 'buy' recommendation due to power & ergonomics. HOWEVER, due to FUEL-LINE FAILURE after only one season of use, AND NOT EASY TO FIX, I hereby warn other potential customers considering to purchase this brand. BTW Consumer Reports got this one wrong; i bought on their recommendation. October 19, 2012
Poor Fuel Line Design. The design to access the fuel line is a major fail. It broke apart after one year of use. I used a fuel stabilizer (sta-bil) and never let fuel sit in the machine, i ran it dry during every use and the fuel line still failed. Lest face it todays fuel blended with ethanol can be heck on small engines thats why i used sta-bil and ran the machine dry. But the fuel lines that husqvarna chose to use are garbage themselves. The Lowes employee told me that its a very common problem with this unit, they have the replacement fuel lines for sale right next to this unit at the store by my house. I bought the after market replacement lines and now it runs poorly. In addition, you have take apart half of blower just to replace the fuel line. Every hex nut on the unit needs to be removed just to get to the fuel line. I would avoid this unit and purchase one that had a more accessable fuel line. October 17, 2012
Leaf Blower So far so good. This product is everything as advertised. Light weight, decent power, easy to start, and not very noisy. The price was very fair. October 16, 2012
Not durable I have purchased a blower and weedeater within the last three years. Within weeks of each other they would not start. Same problem with each which was the purge bulb would not work and thus the engine will not run. Replaced bulb and fuel lines on each and still will not run. I also have a chainsaw which I purchased years ago and never have an issue. Obviously the quality has declined and I've replaced both with Stihl. October 14, 2012
leaf blower I use this blower to remove leaves from my yard and driveway and also to dry off my Harley after I wash it. October 14, 2012
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