Revolutionary handheld blower that combines high power with state-of-the-art ergonomic design. The blower tube is engineered to be in line with the handle, minimizing rotational force on the wrist. The 125B blower is perfect for homeowner use.

28 cc, 425 cfm, 170 mph, 9.4 lbs


$ 159.95

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No fuel prime Had the blower for one year, no issues. Today I tried to start it and the fuel bulb won't fill to prime engine. After reading the hundred bad reviews about fuel issues I guess I'll trash it and go buy an Echo blower today. September 8, 2013
Fuel line Rot I have had a Husqvarna trimmer for several years and after having great success with it, I purchased both the 125B blower and a chainsaw last year. (I have a Husqvarna riding mower as well.) The blower ran great and I have so far had good success with the chainsaw; however, recently the blower was suddenly not starting, so I after I changed the gas (not old) and the spark plug (no corrosion), I opened it the housing to see that the fuel line had rotted. Since the blower does not have that many hours on it (& not 1 year old), I figured that i should just get another assembly and replace it. I came to the website and saw all the comments and was completely shocked. Since the trimmer continues to run well with the same gas and mixture, I would have to guess that Husqvarna is using cheaper parts. The product should be durable enough that we can put any gas in it, including ethanol. As a previous advocate for Husqvarna, this experience is badly tarnishing the brand. I am now having to debate if I want to go spend the money/time to replace the fuel line myself or go buy another blower (not Husqvarna). It is obvious from the comments that going to a repair shop is not is not a good option. If there is any consolation, at least Husqvarna allowed critical comments on their site so that I know my options. September 7, 2013
Stopped working after 6 months - absolute junk Mine stopped working after 6 months. It was working fine until all of a sudden it stopped and I couldn't get it started again. Gas was leaking every time I tried starting it. I was going to take it to get it repaired but based on the reviews it looks like it is a common problem and cannot be fixed. Even worse, it is not covered under warranty. This is the last time I purchase this brand and will be going back to the cheaper brands that lasted for 7 years. August 23, 2013
Bad Fuel Lines Like so many of the other reviews below I have also experienced the fuel line disintegration; not once but twice. We all can't be using bad gas. This is the same gasoline that I use in all my other lawn equipment and vehicles and only the Husqvarna has this problem. I use the exact same mix in my generator, Craftsman blower and Echo trimmer. I had an authorized Husqvarna dealer repair the blower the first time. They stated it was a know problem and that standard 87 octane gasoline with ethanol (the standard today) rots the fuel lines, saying they see the problem constantly. They replaced the lines but stated Husqvarna would not warranty the part. After stating my displeasure they agreed to cover the cost themselves. They also stated it would happen again. Sure enough, not just 4 months later it's happened again. Same exact problem, same tube, completely rotted. This was my first and last Husqvarna purchase. What a shame as I was happy with it when it was running. August 22, 2013
Lightweight Easy to Use Lightweight and easy to use. Mine has seen "A LOT" of use and continues to run like a champ. August 21, 2013
Fuel system has design flaw Like others who have posted here, I am a victim of the design flaw of the fuel system. The primer bulb will no longer prime the engine and so I can't start the blower. Haven't yet tried to contact Husqvarna or see if it can be fixed but from other posts here it sound like Husqvarna is not admitting to the flaw. This is the first Husqvarna product I've purchased. I purchased a second before this problem developed (a weed trimmer) It hasn't yet experienced this problem but these will probably be the last ones I purchase. August 17, 2013
Wont Start... AGAIN! Had this unit serviced once - first month of use, blamed on a bad fuel line - inherent problem. a few months later, unit starts. coughs, crashes. Reading about fuel lines, fuel issues... wondering why no accountability and recall for recurring problems. Not reliable when I need it, and now will set aside for trash - no time for junk. Huskie used to make one heck of dirt bike! August 11, 2013
128B Blower - I'm not alone This blower was my first Husqvarna purchase. I thought it was going to be a tool to last for many years and a good value but it appears I was mistaken. Today the primer bulb failed and the unit is right at one year old. Looking on this site today it looks like this is a highly common failure for this model. I had drained the fuel last year at the end of the season as recommended. I understand Husqvarna notes the issue being a result of the ethanol in the gas. That may be true. However, none of my other tools I have owned over the last 25 years have had this problem after such a short period of time. A bigger concern for me is that earlier this week I just purchased a Husqvarna trimmer with attachments and spent over $300 for the set up. Seeing what the blower has done I am concerned that I have made an even more expensive mistake in my choice of trimmer. If the fuel system components in the trimmer are of the same poor quality I am going to be disappointed. I may go ahead and return the trimmer this week while I still can. My advice, based on my personal experience with this product and the numerous similar reviews posted here is to consider other options since this warranty does not cover the repair. August 10, 2013
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