Thursday, October 29, 2009

New TechLite™ Chain Saw Bar, Twenty-Seven Percent Lighter

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Design and performance meet in the new Techlite chain saw bar. Made with an aluminum core and steel side plates, the manufacturing process gives the bar structural integrity comparable to a professional solid bar – weighing much more. In fact, the TechLite is on average 27 percent lighter than a standard professional replaceable sprocket nose bar.

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“The ability to run a longer bar for less weight allows for greater productivity with less fatigue,” said Stacie Zerfoss, product manager, Husqvarna. “Fatigue is the leading cause of chain saw injuries.” 

The reduced weight of the bar allows chain saw operators to run a 20-inch Techlite for the same weight as a 16-inch solid pro bar, both weighing 2 pounds. 

About Husqvarna 

Husqvarna is the world's largest producer of lawn mowers, chainsaws and portable gas-powered garden equipment such as trimmers and blowers. The Group is also a world leader in diamond tools and cutting equipment for the construction and stone industries. Net sales in 2008 were 4.9 billion dollars and the average number of employees was 15,700.