Thursday, October 29, 2009

Husqvarna Launches SMS-equipped Automower® Ideal for Commercial Applications

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – This spring marks the launch of a new robotic lawnmower with innovative communication technology developed for large properties. Ideal for properties up to 1.5 acres as well as commercial properties managed by landscape contractors, the Automower 260ACX sends a text message if it requires assistance.

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Day or night, rain or shine, all on its own, it cuts the lawn without using fuel or oil. The cutting technology returns tiny clippings back to the lawn along with nutrients therefore there is less need for chemical fertilization. The newest addition in the Husqvarna robotic family is bigger and faster than its siblings and equipped with GSM technology that enables the lawn mower to send a short text message (SMS) to the owner’s cell phone if it needs assistance. The GSM module also comes equipped with a GPS tracker as a theft deterrent. Contractors can view this as an opportunity to unleash a fleet of robotic mowers to their customers and then keep in touch with them as the mower needs attention. The contractor can also get operating information or send basic commands remotely. 

“This is a smart way to grow a landscaping business using robotic labor,” said Gent Simmons. “Contractors can place Automower in an office park or large residential property and continue to cover other maintenance on a regular basis while the mower maintains the grass. The SMS technology is a true fleet management tool allowing the mower to communicate with the office or the office to get real time data and send basic commands.”

Homeowners and businesses alike agree that Automower is a visible sign of lessening impact on the environment. It sends a message to neighbors, customers and the community that you are doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Like the other models of robotic lawnmowers from Husqvarna, Automower® 260 ACX delivers a perfect lawn beyond the capabilities of other mowers. Besides cutting the grass at the height of your choice, it fertilizes the lawn naturally using the grass clippings. 

Automower® 260 ACX is battery driven and recharges itself through an electrically powered charging station. With no harmful exhaust emissions and low energy consumption, it is gentle on the environment. The cutting time is 60 minutes, after which it returns to the charging station by itself to recharge for 40 minutes before setting out to cut again. 

With a small almost invisible wire staked into, or buried under the ground, the mower stays within a pre-determined area. Hilly areas and obstacles in the garden are not a problem since the machine manages slopes of up to a 35 percent grade. Built-in sensors using ultrasonic technology allows the mower to sense larger obstacles in it’s path; slowing the machine so the mower will gently touch the object before redirecting itself. 

About Husqvarna 

Husqvarna is the world's largest producer of lawn mowers, chainsaws and portable gas-powered garden equipment such as trimmers and blowers. The Group is also a world leader in diamond tools and cutting equipment for the construction and stone industries. Net sales in 2008 were 4.9 billion dollars and the average number of employees was 15,700.