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Tiller Recall

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Husqvarna Products Make Outdoor Projects Easier

CHARLOTTE, October 23, 2013 – As the world’s largest producer of outdoor power equipment, Husqvarna strives to offer new and improved ways to make the outdoors great – which means continually innovating and expanding its extensive product line, making life easier for do-it-yourself (DIY) consumers and commercial users alike. This month, at Green Industry and Equipment Expo (GIE+EXPO), Husqvarna will display numerous new and upgraded products – including a push-button ignition switch for riding mowers, new models in its All-Wheel Drive walk mower line, and an extensive range of new battery-powered products.
Thursday, October 24, 2013

Optimize Outdoor Work with Husqvarna

CHARLOTTE, October 23, 2013 – Even the finest outdoor power products need some help in making the outdoors great. Today, Husqvarna, the world’s largest producer of outdoor power products, is announcing a variety of new accessories and programs that help optimize the performance of its award-winning products – and of the consumers and professionals who use them. The following new smart accessories and programs are making the job simpler, faster, safer or more efficient. Many will be on display October 23 – 25 at Green Industry and Equipment Expo (GIE+EXPO), booth #9094, at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville. Visit for details.
Thursday, October 24, 2013

Husqvarna Offers Consumers Limited Extended Warranty Program

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - March 28, 2013 – Oil and water don’t mix, but oil and limited consumer extended warranties do – at Husqvarna.
Monday, April 01, 2013

Husqvarna Showcases Expansive Lineup of Outdoor Power Equipment

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - October 23, 2012 – Anyone pining to try out the latest and greatest outdoor power products will get an eyeful – and an earful -- in Louisville this week, especially if they drop by Husqvarna booth #9094 inside and #7800D and 7801D outside at the GIE+EXPO.
Tuesday, October 23, 2012

R 120S Extends Husqvarna’s Line of Articulating Riding Mowers

CHARLOTTE,N.C. - October 23, 2012 – Husqvarna has extended its line of articulating riding mowers with the introduction of the versatile R 120S Rider.
Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Husqvarna Launches Rugged All-Wheel Drive Mower

CHARLOTTE,N.C. - October 17th, 2012 – Intrepid homeowners, determined to mow more securely on hilly terrain or damp grass, can now experience in a walk mower the kind of traction and handling they can get in an automobile -- All-Wheel Drive!
Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Take the Ethanol Challenge by Husqvarna

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - January 25, 2012 - Today, Husqvarna launched the Ethanol Challenge,an animated, online quiz designed to help educate consumers on the effects of ethanol as well as prevention of ethanol-related product issues. Husqvarna has issued the Ethanol Challenge in order to provide the tools for consumers to gain awareness about ethanol, in hopes that education can help them maintain and care for their Husqvarna equipment.
Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Husqvarna Makes Mowing Easy!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – October 27, 2011 - Husqvarna has introduced two new articulated riding mowers.
Thursday, October 27, 2011