Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ready, set, saw! – World’s top loggers ready for battle

The 23rd – 26th August professional loggers from all over the world will compete for the honour and gold medals during the World Logging Championship (WLC) in Raubitschi, Belarus. The Husqvarna team members are deemed to have good chances this year and are well prepared after practicing their skills at training camps in Europe this summer.
The WLC is a biannual competition where professionals from all over the world compete against each other in different chainsaw techniques, both in teams and individually. The first WLC was held back in 1970 and the competition has only grown bigger since. “We hope to see several of the world records being broken this year and there are good hopes for that to happen” says Anders Kragner, project manager and WLC expert. The championship consists of five different disciplines that the contestants must conquer: tree felling, fitting bar and chain, bucking by combined cuts, precision bucking and limbing. The championship is subject to strict rules regarding technique and safety. Every competitor must participate with a standard chainsaw that has been approved by the competition organizers.
Even a great chainsaw will never be better than the logger who masters it. Mental stability, precision, speed, good health and lots of training are some of the key factors for success. To get a chance to practice the different work techniques and to prepare as much as possible, Husqvarna has organised three training camps during the summer for the team participants. Since many of the participants lacked experience in one or several of the disciplines, veteran loggers were there to support with their knowledge and technical advices. For example, at the training camp in Arnhem, Netherlands, the agenda was carefully prepared as always, this time by Husqvarna product specialist Arian Essenstam, an experienced logger who also is a member of the Dutch national logging team. On the last day of each camp a competition was held between the participants, not only to show the results of the training but also to learn to control the competition nerves.
So what do the Husqvarna chances look like in the WLC in Belarus?
“I am quite optimistic that Husqvarna will have a good chance to bring home the gold medal in the senior class. Our biggest hope, if I may say so, lies with Urs Amstutz from Switzerland. He is in a very good shape at the moment (1658 points at the training camp in Emmen) and I hope he can keep that level until the Belarus WLC –we have high hopes for him, not least in the fitting bar and chain discipline. Another great Husqvarna logger is Robert Cuk from Slovenia, who showed that he still belongs to the top if you look at the points (1637) he has scored during the camps this year. He performs well in the technical disciplines and he too is a favourite in the fitting bar and chain. If you put these two results in relation to the all-time official individual world record of 1649 points you can see just how good their shape is at the moment. And let’s not forget the silver medallist Jean-Michel Petitqueux from France, who nearly won the whole thing in 2010, he has great experience. Also, keep an eye on the Finnish competitor Jukka Perämäki, he is always feisty” says Anders Kragner.