Thursday, March 27, 2014

Discover the full potential of a Husqvarna Rider Lawn Mower!

This versatile riding lawn mower can easily be transformed into an efficient snowplow, a useful trailer or a smart broom. Get to know the various Rider attachments and let the Rider help you all year round.

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Husqvarna Riders
Perhaps you already know that the Husqvarna Rider is the ultimate ride-on mower in any garden. The front-mounted cutting deck reaches almost everywhere and the unique articulated steering provides unsurpassed maneuverability. But did you know that the Husqvarna Rider also can be equipped to master a variety of other tasks? You can use it for hauling garden waste, sweeping and spreading, and clearing snow during winter time. The Rider can also function as an aerator, a moss rake, roller or gravel harrow. There is a wide range of attachments available to enable the Rider to perform all kinds of tasks in your garden – all year round. The top quality attachments include both front- and rear-mounted tools and developed to deliver high performance. 

“The attachments increase the versatility of the Husqvarna Rider even more. All the attachments are designed so that you can quickly install or remove.” says Mikael Tidkvist, product manager for Riders at Husqvarna. 

Popular Rider attachments:

• Trailers of different sizes.
Practical for transport of soil, waste, wood etc. Folding tailgate for easy loading and unloading.

• Snow thrower: Highly effective two-stage snow thrower; perfect for removing large amounts of snow from driveways and paths around your house.

• Snow blade: Rugged steel blade with steel blade edge for efficient snow clearing.

• Broom: Clear leaves, debris and thin layers of snow from your driveway with the rotating broom.

• Flail mower: Perfect for clearing rough areas of overgrown grass and low brushwood.

• Sweeper/collector: A tow-behind sweeper/collector for efficient collection of grass clippings and leaves. Can be emptied from the driver’s seat.

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Rider 316

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Rider 300 with broom and sprayguard

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Rider 300 with broom

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Rider 300 with snow blade

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Rider 300 with snow thrower

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  • Rider 300-series - how to use film

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