Monday, May 12, 2014

A cut above: the world’s finest loggers get their championship chainsaws ready

The 31st World Logging Championships 2014 will be held this coming September in the beautiful lakeside village of Brienz, Switzerland, the original home of wood carving.

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A truly global event, the best loggers in the world will battle it out for three days across five unique disciplines (and a relay race) to decide who will be the new world champion of logging.

Competing across tree felling, chain fitting, bucking by combined cuts, precision bucking and limbing, competitors are subject to strict rules regarding technique and must use an officialy approved precision chainsaw such as the Husqvarna 576 XP or Husqvarna 372 XP throughout the competition.

As an official sponsor of the Championships, Husqvarna will host a World Logging Championship blog portal covering all aspects of the event. The site will provide logging fans and Husqvarna chainsaw users with the latest news, live updates from the Championships, as well as expert logging knowledge and advice. The blog will be launched May 22nd.

Husqvarna will also provide complete technical support to all competitors using Husqvarna chainsaws to ensure they receive the best possible preparation for the ultimate forestry competition.

The latest news and video from the two training camps, one in Switzerland and one in Estonia, will also be reported on Husqvarna’s dedicated blog. At these camps, Husqvarna loggers will be able to fine-tune their skills.

The biannual three day competition for professional loggers was first hosted in 1970 and the competition has only grown bigger since. This year, it begins on September 10th and will feature competitors from over 30 countries.

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