Husqvarna 343FR comes complete with trimmer head, grass blade and saw blade. This flexibility makes it an ideal solution for farmers who require the benefits both products offer in one, effective package. Developed with optimal ergonomics, performance and efficiency during long working shifts in mind, the 343FR’s fine balance and LowVib® vibration damping maximizes user comfort and control.


$ 769.95

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Features for 343FR

  • Effective anti-vibration dampeners absorb vibration, reducing stress on the user’s arms and hands.

  • Magnetic locking pin holder facilitates quick conversion of cutting equipment.

  • Angled handle bar and comfort grip handles improve operator posture.

  • Fuel tank placement in front of the engine improves balance.

  • Transparent fuel tank for checking the fuel level.

  • Ergonomic harness with broad back support, shoulder straps and hip belt that distributes the load over a larger area.

  • Removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting.

  • The cutting attachment guard can be used with either a grass blade or a trimmer head.

More features

  • E-TECH® engine

Product reviews for 343FR

HUSQVARNA 343FR 4 5 5 5
A serious machine that can be a real work-horse Simply because it is from Husqvarna, I would like to give the machine the same ratings as others, but cannot. My experience over the last two years: After two trips to the shop and the complete replacement of the hardware associated with using the brush cutter, the saw blade still comes loose (most recently, after the blade got pinched. Machine vibrates too much, and varies for no apparent reason during operation---particularly noticeable when using a brush cutter blade. What is too much (beyond my personal comfort, which is subjective)? More than a friend’s less-powerful machine also with vibration dampening built into the handle. One of the nuts seated in the head of the ‘plastic flipper’ mowing head fell out. Another stop at the shop. Eventually put some glue on all of them. Machine periodically goes through wide variation in engine speed---without changing the accelerator. Sounds like it is about to stall, then revs back up---maybe even overspeeds. Unit was recently serviced, and I have fresh gas/oil mix with the pink preservative/stabilizer. Off switch has failed---I stop the machine by choking it. Engine runs ‘fumey’---most bothersome when I spend extended periods with my back to the wind. I have tried to communicate directly with the company about these issues but without success. In fairness, I should say that part of my sourness is we live on an island 15 miles off the coast of Maine, and service is a ferry trip and a further 15 mile trip to the shop. Also in fairness, when the machine is working well, it is a beast and the power is worth every penny. August 5, 2012
Great brushcutter This model, 343 FR has good power. It can really handle the tougher brush. I have owned Husqvarna brushcutters in the past. My last one did great for 23 years. I look forward to many years of dependable service with this model. September 25, 2011
Great cutter I love this cutter. I use it often and it cuts brush, grass, and small trees with ease. The weakest point is the blade. The 8 inch wood cutter blade that came with the 343fr is much to small. I have done 99% of my cutting with the 10 inch 3 tooth grass blade because it will cut most anything and is easy to sharpen. February 24, 2011
Brushcutting beast This brushcutter is very powerful and extremely well balanced.The harness is very comfortable. Fuel capacity and range is very good. It will tackle everything from grass trimming to clearing saplings up to 3" with ease February 24, 2011
Like the thumb control Pretty good saw. Have gone through 80-90 saw blades. Good power, like the thumb control over Stihl finger control. Had trouble with rotting fuel lines. Shoulder harness fell apart. Probably less durable than Stihl but satisfied with performance having cut several thousand 2 to 6 inch dia. cedar trees. February 23, 2011
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