The Husqvarna 130BT is a unique lightweight back pack blower with the large landowner in mind. It combines very low weight and ease of use for those who have to work for longer periods of time. Features include a new X-Torq® engine for increased power, better fuel economy and reduced emissions. Harness and tube-mounted controls improve operational ergonomics.


$ 229.95

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Features for 130BT

  • The powerful and easy to start X-Torq® engine in combination with efficient fan design delivers high air speed and air flow.

  • The handle can be adjusted to fit the operator and has rubber inserts for a comfortable grip.

  • Padded harness is shaped to fit the contours of the operator.

  • The X-Torq® engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%.

  • Removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting.

  • Adjustable handles for superior comfort.

  • Fan speed can be set for easier handling.

Product reviews for 130BT

HUSQVARNA 130BT 4.6 5 210 210
Blower, backpack This is the best blower I've owned and I've owned a lot of them in my 76 years. it starts easy, has plenty of power to blow the debree in my yard. It's light enough for me to take on the roof and blow off the roof and gutters. I have back problems and this blower makes it easy for me to walk around and blow off the driveway and patio without a problem. I recommend this to anyone with a medium size yard or up to an acre. June 13, 2012
130BT a great value for medium-sized yards I purchased the 130BT after having a competitive gas-powered, hand-held blower in the past and it has been wonderful for the month or so that I've owned it. The only concern that I have is that when starting the blower the choke is on. After 10 minutes of using it I should be able to turn the choke off. However, if the choke is turned all the way off the blower will quit working which makes it necessary to start again and keep the choke on about 1/2 way. Hopefully this won't pose a problem in the future! June 8, 2012
Easy start Readily starts and easy to maneuver for a 100 lb. female. June 2, 2012
Great little machine No comment on durability since I have only used the blower a few times as yet. I am an older female and chose this model because of its light weight (about 14 pounds), but it has plenty of power for what I want to do -- blow grass clippings, clean decks, etc. May 29, 2012
Light weight and powerful Great blower for home use-Easy to use-Easy to start-Overall great preforming machine May 29, 2012
Non-starter I have had this blower for 2 months and have now spent more time trying to get it to start than I have actually using the blower. Once it gets going, it works great, but that is the problem - getting it going. We have, on various occasions, done the following: followed the starting directions to a tee, pumped the primer only 5 times instead of 10, pumped the primer 15 times instead of 10, opened the choke, replaced the spark plug. Now we have to take our new blower in for service already just so we can use it. Maybe I just ended up with a bum unit but this this has been a pain in my rear and wasted hours of my time - time I was hoping to save over the old, slow, electric blower... May 27, 2012
Blown-away Research gave it many thumbs-up and I was not disappointed. The price was great. Assembly was a snip. It started easily and packs a punch for domestic use. Even my wife now uses it. I recommend spending the little extra for synthetic oil and 89 oct gas. The amount you need per use is so little, overall cost would be negligible but go a long way in it's performance, reliability, and life. May 23, 2012
My first backpack blower As I have aged, I found that using a hand-held blower was increasingly hard on my back. So I purchased a Husqvarna backpack blower on the advice of a neighbor. I purchased the 130BT unit, and I am very satisfied with it. Yard cleanup takes about 3 hours of nearly constant blowing, and I am not worn out when I am finished. At first I was concerned about not having a battery powered starter so I could start it after I put it on my back, but that proved to not be a concern. The unit is light enough to lift and easily put on my back after starting on the ground. I am impressed with my 130BT, and will readily recommend it to others! May 20, 2012
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