Revolutionary handheld blower that combines high power with state-of-the-art ergonomic design. The blower tube is engineered to be in line with the handle, minimizing rotational force on the wrist. The 125B blower is perfect for homeowner use. Comes complete with a flare nozzle for higher air speed and a Vac-Kit for vacuuming/mulching lawn debris.


$ 199.95

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Features for 125BVx

  • The blower can be turned into a lawn vacuum to collect debris.

  • When using vac capability, mulching knives reduce material and increase bag capacity.

  • The fan housing is engineered so that the air stream is in line with the handle. This reduces stress on the wrist and arm.

  • Stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for easier starting.

  • Fan speed can be set for easier handling.

  • The blowing tube length is adjustable for best performance.

  • The controls are well gathered and easy to access.

  • Removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting.

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Product reviews for 125BVx

HUSQVARNA 125BVx 4.3 5 249 249
My 11 year old can use it Replaced my Homelite blower after it broke with this one. Good power and not too noisy. I don't endorse this, but I cam home and my 11 year old had got it out and started it to blow the leaves off the street so he could ride his scooter. Was easy enough to start and light enough he could do it. The only bad experience of this blower was registering the product on the Husqvarna website. Got the extended warranty for a few cans of fuel. December 3, 2013
Cold Running Problems I have the same problem as others. When the temperature is 40 degrees f or less, it will not run up to speed. I have to leave it on 1/2-3/4 choke to keep it running. The fuel is fresh and fuel was never permitted to remain in the tool between uses. What good is a blower that won't blow in the late fall when the leaves have finally finished falling? November 25, 2013
So far so good I have owned this product for about two months, and it has performed well. I don't really have any major complaints to speak off. The only issue I noticed is sometimes on acceleration the motor seems to bog down on swift throttle changes and I have to slowly raise the RPM's. It doesn't want to stall, but it just doesn't want to quickly build up speed. It doesn't do it all the time. I believe I need to own it longer to learn the motor's characteristics. Overall, though I am happy with the purchase. November 23, 2013
Bad product, bad support policy Out of the box the blower does not perform well. No problem starting, but it constantly chokes reving the thing up. Half choke is the best setting but cannot bring the power of the fully open carb, therefore the trick is to rev it up on mid choke then switch the choke off while maintaining the trigger fully squeezed. I sometimes feel the machine is about to stall so I quickly switch back to half choke. By the way, I'm talking about a hot engine here, that has been runnin for plenty of time, even more than ten minutes. I got patient thinking the engine had to wear in a bit but I'm on my 3 gas fill now and still have the problem. The other thing that kept me from getting it to a service center is that, even though I fully registered the product as a canadian resident that had bought it in the states, for some obscure reasonss the canadian service centers will not perform any warranty service to it as it was not bought in canada!!! Ridiculous policy. I paid a premium price for a premium machine and service and this was I got! Very disapointed, all in all I don't think I will ever buy from Husqvarna ever again. November 13, 2013
Garbage I bought both a Husqvarna leaf blower and a chain saw. Neither starts unless kept at at least 20C. I've had both served twice, but they won't start at anything below those temperatures. Totally useless in the fall and spring, when they're needed most. No support whatsoever from the seller or the manufacturer. All they do is take my money for servicing, and deliver them in the same condition. When it works, the blower works fine. That is, from June 1 to August 31. The rest of the year, total waste of money. The chain saw - apart from only working in warm weather - is actually dangerous - it came apart in pieces during use, sending the chain spinning in the air. This was right after it had been serviced because it would not start in cool weather. I was told that "there is nothing wrong with it". Apparently having the bar fall off is normal. I would never buy an other Husqvarna product. I don't ask for perfection, but to be told that the product only works above 20C is ridiculous. November 3, 2013
This product will last There isn't any problem that was found with the HUSQVARNA 125Bvx Blower that I have purchased this past sept.of 20013.Every feature has showed to be engineered correctly . I want to say , I Picked the right one . Tony.G October 21, 2013
Fully Blown I had purchased a Husqvarna lawnmower and a trimmer back in the spring, so I was pretty excited to add on to my collection when I bought this blower. Leaves always seem to make their way into my garage or my front entry way, and sweeping gets pretty old after a while. Also, there seems to be a lot of dust and debris that accumulates in various corners and along the pavement around my house. This blower is pretty good about keeping the area clean and clear. It's not too heavy, and it's pretty powerful. It's easy to start, and easy to use, and I like that I can convert it into a vacuum for any job that might require it. I'm fairly satisfied with this blower, and expect to be using it for a good while to come. October 1, 2013
Love this Blower Starts first time, every time, light weight and plenty of power..So much easier than the previous bulky blower that I had... August 1, 2013
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