Revolutionary handheld blower that combines high power with state-of-the-art ergonomic design. The blower tube is engineered to be in line with the handle, minimizing rotational force on the wrist. The 125B blower is perfect for homeowner use.

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HUSQVARNA 125B 2.8 5 141 141
First Time Gas Blower user This is the first gas leaf blower i've owned. I was not happy with any of the electric leafs blowers i've had (poor performance) This blower was reasonably priced and I am very pleased with its performance . It made the yard clean-up chore a heck of a lot easier. The only detail I'm a little worried about is purchasing the correct gas for the unit. I've read that gas containing ethanol can damage the unit. November 10, 2013
Very Bad Product Do Not Buy! I have owned my 125B for 2 years now and can offer you an honest review. This blower is guaranteed not to last a full 2 seasons of use, and Husqvarna will not honor the warrantee, as they will claim it is a fuel problem which is not covered. It seems to me that they let their management and marketing teams try to fix an engineering problem, just to get the unit on the market. First the fuel line rotted out, and I bought a replacement kit to get it running again. I treat this blower much better than any other 2 cycle that I have and it still didn't last. I made sure that I ran it out each and every time I used it. The fuel line went away after the first year and fell down inside the fuel tank. Husqvarna blames it on ethanol in the fuel, and would want you to buy their ethanol free fuel at $25 per gallon. This does not make this unit practical to use. I got mine running again with a new fuel line and used it for 2 hours. Then it stalled out and would only run full out for about a minute and then die. I could restart it and it would run for another minute and die. This is not a well made product and you should avoid it at all costs. November 3, 2013
got a great deal! I bought this unit as a return item off ebay with a scored piston I had another that had a good engine that had parts missing. Running a small engine shop and doing lawn care I decided to buy it. I swapped out the engine and for what I have invested it was a great value! These are good blowers for light to medium duty work. Would consider buying another. October 31, 2013
No Compression I had used this blower maybe 3 times not even a tank of gas was used. I bought it at Ray's Saws in Centre Al, took it back there and was told the factory rep checked it out and simply replaced it, which I thought was great, I used it a couple more times and then when I tried to start, the rope would not pull acted as though the motor was locked up. Took it to Macland outdoors and after a few days was told it was not repairable because we had put gas in it with no oil. The gas hadn't been put in by me we were still using the same gas that came in it, when we picked it up. I will never buy another Husqvarna product and can not recommend it October 26, 2013
Going on 2 years. I just don't get all the bad reviews. I was thinking about buying a husky 240 chainsaw and started reading bad reviews. After that, I got to wondering about the reviews on this blower which I have used for a couple years and has run perfect. I use it for my own lawn and occasionaly on the job. It starts very easy and puts out a lot of wind. I run 93 octane fuel with no ethanol and synthetic 50:1 two cycle oil. Two cycles love octane. To all that have problems, I would say most of them are poor fuel quality. Run the good stuff and see if anything changes. October 24, 2013
Starts Easily Every Time, Smoothe and Powerful Very pleased with the performance of this blower, starts easily every time. Runs well, great throttle response. Powerful for its size but not overly noisy for a gas blower. Overall no complaints. Highly recommend. October 17, 2013
Not agood product In about a years time the priming bulb is shot. Went to Lowes where the unit was purchased and the only bubs they had are universal which won't work October 17, 2013
Will be buying Stihl next time! This blower was easy to assemble and initially performed well. After several months, however, it developed a fuel leak and would no longer operate. My local Husqvarna service center told me it was a problem with the fuel line and was not covered under warranty because it was considered "ethanol damage". My question is, why are my neighbor's Stihl blowers not experiencing this "ethanol damage" especially when their equipment is much older than mine!? Why are my three year old lawnmower and two year old string trimmer not suffering this "ethanol damage" either when they run on the same gas that my leaf blower does? For a piece of equipment that is only two months old and used at most once a week to not operate, and furthermore not be covered by warranty is completely unacceptable. October 16, 2013
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