Revolutionary handheld blower that combines high power with state-of-the-art ergonomic design. The blower tube is engineered to be in line with the handle, minimizing rotational force on the wrist. The 125B blower is perfect for homeowner use.

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HUSQVARNA 125B 2.7 5 129 129
Stopped after 15 uses I have owned the 125B for 8 months and used it about 15 times. It ran very well until two days ago when it stopped working. After being told fuel related issues are not under warranty I went to repair it myself and found the fuel lines had disintegrated where they enter the fuel tank. I had to get new fuel lines. October 10, 2012
Great to use and handle. I find this blower easy to handle because it is very well balanced and it is easy to control the speed and the direction of the air. October 3, 2012
125B fuel line design terrible Used the new Husqvarna half a dozen times at most and generally liked it's capabilities. Then it stopped working. Broken fuel line--can't tell if it just popped out or was sheared somehow. Not a simple fix. Terrible durability to break so quickly. October 2, 2012
Only used a dozen times before it broke I always heard good things about the Husqvarna brand so when my last leaf blower quit after 10 years or so, I decided to replace it with this model. I've only used it about a dozen times when it stopped working. I pulled the thing apart to find that the fuel hose had fallen off the gas tank. I tried to put it back in with needle nose pliers only to find that the reason it fell off was it was the hose was too short and didnt have enough slack. 'Looks like I'm going hose shopping for a nearly brand new blower. September 15, 2012
adjustment needed The carb. adjustments need to be adjusted better for different parts of the country, not just ca. I'm sure other non ca. people will agree. September 14, 2012
HUSQVARNA 125B Ran great for a while but have had issues with not being able to get it started. September 13, 2012
good value First gas powered blower. Pleased with the power and so much easier to cart around with backpack. Only had it for a couple weeks but overall I'm pleased so far. The manual can use some work. Was hard to follow with assembly (ended up giving up on the manual and doing it myself) and the startup instructions skipped steps that should have been it the manual. September 12, 2012
Choose This Model over the BVX I write this review from the experience of someone who owned the 125BVX for about 8 days, and then replaced it with a 125B. Here's why: The 125BVX model has a different starting mechanism, and the intake also has metal blades added to it for the mulching feature. For me, this led to: - The starter assembly breaking after a week of use! The cord would no longer retract. - Varied performance. Because of the extra metal blades in the intake, it felt to me like the BVX had to work harder to run (more resistance and weight to turn), and did not put out as much air. - Choppy starting and idling. (the starter is heavier) I exchanged the 125BVX, brought home the 125B, and it has been running perfectly for several weeks. IMHO, the vacuum and mulching feature of these blowers are totally useless. It creates a huge mess, takes a bunch of time to reconfigure the blower, you have all the minor damage from sucking up sticks and small rocks, and it just takes more time than if you would have raked the leaf pile into a wheelbarrow or bag. So if you're asking yourself the "125BVX or 125B" question, hopefully this feedback helps. September 10, 2012
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