Revolutionary handheld blower that combines high power with state-of-the-art ergonomic design. The blower tube is engineered to be in line with the handle, minimizing rotational force on the wrist. The 125B blower is perfect for homeowner use.

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Failure of Fuel Line, fuel lock and ignition module I have had this for 2 years. the 1st 6 months it ran OK. The main use is to blow leaves out of the home and garage gutters and off the driveway 1st - failure to start. If run for a few minutes and shutdown the blower would not start until cooled down to ambient Temp. 2. I observed that the fuel in the carb line always had air even when priming continually. It just sloshed back and forth and not out of the carb. (use E15 fuel) 3. Finally, the ignition module fails to generate a spark. May 20, 2013
Great power, POOR durability. Cannot recommend. LIke many others have stated my unit (purchased from Lowes) died right at about 28 months. Light home lawncare use. Alway used proper 2-stroke pre-mix. Proper maintenance, etc. One day after about 2 hours of use it started to loose power and then would die. Let it cool it would restart and then run for awhile until eventually it would not run at all. Took it in for service at a local professional outdoor power company (no service at Lowes or Husqvarna service nearby) and the failure was both a dead ignition coil and low compression. Pitiful quality. May 18, 2013
2 + years no problems I have not had one problem with mine, Have had it for 2 1/2 years, do my yard, 2 neighbors, and a friends. I run non ethanol gas. The best hand held blower I have used, as strong as some backpacks. Bought this one to replace a stolen 140BT and I think its just as strong as it was Sounds like all the problems people have are because of the 10% ethanol mix that is in most gas now. May 15, 2013
Fuel Lind Disinagration Purchased my Husqvarna 125B about a year ago from Lowes based on Consumer Digest and product reviews. I liked the features over comparable products. This spring when I added gas and started it, it was leaking gas. Determined the gas lines were rotted where the go through the grommet into the fuel tank. The rest of the fuel line is intact. The online reviews confirm this is a recurring problem. Whether it is due to poor quality fuel lines, incompatible components, or heat related because of where the fuel lines are in relation to the cylinder, there is a problem. Husqvarna’s explanation blames ethanol in the fuel. Fuel lines just do not rot in 6 months! I own 3 other Completers products that have no problems with fuel lines in 3 years of ownership. Reviews indicate returning it to a service station for warranty repair is a waste of time. They will not cover the fuel lines. I replace the fuel lines myself in 30 min. But I shouldn’t have to do this every year. In checking Husqvarna’s other products in store, and found the fuel line is black rubber compound. It appears you found a solution by replacing the fuel line with a better quality part. Husqvarna needs to repair/replace those that will not work or supply us with repair kits so we can repair. Since the warranty repair is worthless. I have always has high regard for Husky products. I will re-consider Husky because of the fuel problems and poor engineering in the future. Wish Husquvarna would come up with a good repair solution and stand by there products. I would be happy to send you what is left of the fuel lines in exchange. Fuel Line Picture is attached. May 15, 2013
piece of junk first one i bought only worked twice would not start the 3rd use. returned to lowes. the replacement worked 2 times 3rd time would not start. do not waste your time and money with this product. there is a manufacturing defect with it. May 8, 2013
Piece of junk! Ran OK for about 1 year and a half. Now, I can get it started and it runs for about 5 minutes then bogs out. Gas/oil mixture is fine (I'm meticulous about that). Would be nice if someone could make a product that lasts. I know this isn't a top-end blower, but do you think you could make something that lasts about 5 years, at the very least? April 28, 2013
Seriously Had this blower for less than a year and the fuel lines are destroyed. Husqvarna can blame it on ethanol all they want, or they can man-up and say we are sorry we put bad fuel lines in our product. The same gas going in my Husqvarna is the same going into my echo products, and they work just fine. April 28, 2013
Useless First of all I would like to say that I own and operate many Husqvarna products and have owned them even before people around me had ever heard of them. I have always been happy with their products until I bought a 125B blower five years ago. From day one it would barely run only if the choke was tied to full choke position. It has been tuned, new carb installed along with the exhaust inspected. Yet it would not run. This Spring I installed a carb from an older worn out trimmer off a different brand and it will now run with the choke tied at 1/2 choke position but that is it. I never jump and write a review on a product until I have owned and used it for some time. Husqvarna has some great products and I highly recommend most of them. But with their hand held blowers they dropped the ball big time and I will never consider buying another 125B after seeing just how much trouble everyone locally has had with them over the years. April 25, 2013
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