T35 Tap Advance

Exclusively designed by Husqvarna, the T35 Professional Tap Advance trimmer head features an easy to reload spool that comes off with the cap, eliminating the need to turn the trimmer upside down to reload the line. The spool has a split design which reduces tangling and line welding, and has arrows to show the correct directional winding of the line to eliminate guesswork. The spool has two key slots to lock the trimmer line in and keep it from unwrapping while putting the cap back on the trimmer head. The T35 holds .065", .080", .095", or .105" trimmer line and has a capacity of 28 feet of .095" gauge line, one of the best in the industry and comes pre-wound with .095" Titanium Force™ trimmer line.


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Easily breaks The signature blue tapper easily breaks after minimal use. I've had my Husky for two summers now after buying it new from Lowes in May of 2012. I had to replace it last August(2012) and again this year it busted while tapping (September 2013). Unfortunately you cannot buy just the blue tapper to replace, you have to buy the entire spooling head which runs anywhere from $28 - $50 depending on where you get it. So needless to say I have several working spool heads and no tappers left... It's costing more than I want to spend to keep it running October 5, 2013
T35 is built to survive My 43cc strimmer destroyed its flimsy Original Equipment spool after just 2 usages so I was forced to swiftly shop around for a quality replacement. The T35 slotted straight in and immediately proved to be more than up to the job running 3mm square wire through my rock strewn gorse and heather thicket. It has taken a fair number of hard knocks in the process but despite a few battle scars it's soldiering on undaunted. I would certainly buy another. June 20, 2011
A strimmer spool that both WORKS and SURVIVES! I bought off EBAY a powerful 43cc HGF (German make) multi-tool: strimmer, brushcutter, chainsaw lopper and hedge trimmer. It came part-assembled and my confidence in it grew as I put the parts together, they were robust and well engineered .... except for the strimmer spool which felt insubstantial. Sure enough, it lasted two uses before it burst apart scattering its component parts to the 4 winds! MacGregors groundcare division in Inverness sold me a T35 and a reel of 3mm square nylon line, a combination that has made short work of my rocky ground with its heather, tussocky grass, gorse and birch seedlings. It has taken a good few knocks and scrapes in the process, stalled completely on one occasion when the machine snarled up on a hidden length of Polypropylene string, but has kept doing its job perfectly despite the hard work and a bit of unintended abuse. It is easy to re-string and if I ever manage to wear it out I'll certainly buy another, Husqvarna designers and engineers know their stuff and have created a 1st class product. June 17, 2011
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