Combination gauges

Our combination gauges are specially designed with a file gauge and depth gauge setter to put together in one tool. Use together with our round and flat files for a correct fling angle. Available for all Husqvarna chains.


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Combi gauges for chain sharpening I have replaced both clamp-on file guides and clamp-on bar guides with combi-gauges when sharpening my saw chain both in the field and workshop. These little gauges are quicker and easier to use, provided you have basic chain sharpening skills. I use my saws on Australian hard wood. The instructions, on the reverse of the packaging, are obvious, and the stamped arrows within the gauge body mean you position it correctly each time. With these gauges (several to suit different gauge chains) I now use less strokes per cutter to sharpen and I end up with better results. If you are basically competent enough to sharpen a saw chain without a guide, but are a little bit rough (angles vary a bit), try these gauges to help. You'll end up with a saw chain that works very well. I generally run Oregon and Stihl chains on Echo and Stihl powerheads. February 24, 2014
Unusable Device This support tool, offered to the user for chain sharpening and cut depth filing, is a mystery tool. Next to impossible to figure out how it should be used. What's worse is that the company has no one who can offer any instruction. In fact, there are no instructions. It's a waste of time trying to get any help, so don't bother...... December 6, 2013
Incomprehensible depth gauge Combination sharpening/depth gauge tool works fine for sharpening. It is useless as a depth gauge because NO ONE can figure out how to use it. The file kit instructions on how to use it are literally two graphics that make no sense (I have an engineering degree and I fly jets for a living. I'm no dummy). I understand the concept. The goal is filing the tooth (not the cutting tooth, but the depth tooth) down to the recommended 0.025" so you don't take too big or small a bite of wood with each pass of that tooth. You're supposed to be able to use this gauge to measure that distance and file down (with the incl. flat file) any part of the depth tooth that sticks up through the gauge (and ostensibly would decrease that 0.025" distance). But here's the problem. Husqvarna does not show you how to position the tool. It's a friggin mystery and, like the gentleman before me, it's just wasting my time figuring it out. Even my dealer didn't know how to use it! Husqvarna, listen up. You need to post some better instructions or a video and quit wasting our time please. Otherwise, my next saw is a Stihl. November 18, 2013
Need to buy a chain in order to good instructions I bought a new chain along with this combination guide/gauge. The instructions that came with the new chain was helpful. The instructions with the guide were not helpful. It might be worth buying an extra chain if you are having difficulties using the depth gauge or even better. Husqvarna could produce a video showing how to sharpen a chain and check depth. July 11, 2012
Needs instructions Absolutely useless graphic instructions in my opinion. Can't determine how to use the depth gauge at all for the chain that came with my Husqvarva 435. Basically you are left to figure this thing out if you can. I can't. No online videos or instructions either. Bummer. The cutter guide works fine. The depth guide is just a puzzling time killer. April 3, 2012
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