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    Working with chainsaws

    Stay safe and warm – the chainsaw accessories you need to get started

    When it comes to safety clothing and equipment, different rules and regulations apply in different countries. But no matter where you are, this list of items will enhance your safety when working with chainsaws.

  • Working with chainsaws part 1
    Working with chainsaws

    How to get your chainsaw started

    Believe it or not, but “how do I start a chainsaw?” is a common question (or at least a frequent Google search) amongst chainsaw users. In this guide we’ve put together some tips on how to get your saw ready to perform.

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    Working with chainsaws

    6 steps to successful tree felling

    When felling trees, the correct working techniques are essential. Not only to create a safe working environment, but also to be more effective when working.

  • Working with chainsaws

    Directional tree felling - how to notch and hinge a tree

    Learn proper methods for creating different notches and techniques for maintaining a correct hinge so that you will fell a tree safely and comfortably.

  • How to to fell a tree using a chainsaw
    Working with chainsaws

    How to cut down a tree using a chainsaw safely

    Learn how to fell a tree from a Husqvarna qualified trainer.

  • Working with chainsaws

    Taking down a tree - tree felling plan video

    Learn how to develop and utilize a safe, practical felling plan when taking down the tree.