New powerful all-round saw for people who value professional qualities in a saw. The X-Torq® engine means lower fuel consumption and reduced emission levels. Auto return stop switch and visible fuel level makes the saw easier to handle. Equipped with Smart Start® and fuel pump to every time ensure easy starts.


$ 369.95

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Features for 450

  • Centrifugal air cleaning system removes larger dust and debris particles before reaching the air filter. This results in reduced air filter cleanings and improved engine life.

  • X-Torq®


    Delivers lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emission levels in accordance with the world´s most stringent environmental regulations.

    Delivers lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emission levels in accordance with the world´s most stringent environmental regulations.

  • Facilitates cleaning and replacement of the air filter.

  • Increased comfort with soft inlay, ergonomic trigger and asymmetrical handle.

  • Distinct marks for better felling precision.

  • Allows for easier starting and reduces the risk of engine flooding.

  • Saves time when changing spark plugs and cleaning.

  • Forged three-piece crankshaft for maximum durability for the toughest applications.

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Product reviews for 450

HUSQVARNA 450 4.4 5 203 203
Runs thru logs like a hot knife thru butter. Have used a number of saws over the years. Very happy with this one. Light but powerful. Starts easily and runs thru logs rapidly. I should not have waited so long to get this saw!! December 1, 2012
Good Homeowner saw This was a step up from my old chainsaw. The saw has plenty of power, and it starts easy. The 20 inch bar really makes it easy to cut large diameter trees. The bar does require greasing, otherwise it seems to freeze up. December 1, 2012
Great product except for one thing. I like the chainsaw but am concerned that the plastic clips holding the cover on might deteriorate over years of service and break off. On my other chainsaw the cover is held on by a center bolt. Might be worth looking at. November 22, 2012
It'll do anything you ask Had to fell and remove a very difficult tree. Had limited access and felled tree was an impossible tangle of big limbs, some attached, some partially broken. Needed a powerful tool with a big bar that could chew through the mess. Despite blade being pinched a few times because of bad accessibility, and many times having to cut through wood as thick as the entire blade, the tool ate through the work like a piece of cake. It is especially telling when someone has a different brand saw at the same job site attempting to do the same work. Some saws got more work done to them than they got done. At the end of the day, none of the others performed like my Husqvarna. November 18, 2012
I Don't Know Yet... After 3 trees came down on my property after Hurricane Sandy, I needed something more substantial than my Craftsman 16 ". I did alot of quick research and went for the Husqvarna 450. The saw is powerful and fairly easy to run. However.... after an hour or so, the thing just stopped running. The chain did get tighter and as it was getting dark outside I just stopped. I hope this isn't something major - any idea why this happened ? There's plenty of chain/bar oil and gas !! November 13, 2012
450 "Rancher" The box and saw both say 450 Rancher, but you will not find it anywhere on the Husqvarna site listed as a Rancher. Followed the directions in the owners manual on fuel type, mixture and starting instructions and still had a hard time starting the saw. Once I got it started it would not stay running. For a while it would idle, but as soon as I tried to cut it would shut off. Maybe it was just a 1 in a 1000 issue so I traded it one for one...let's see how the new one goes. November 10, 2012
You Get What You Pay For I'm a wood turner and need something durable and dependable for both long runs or just a quick cut. This does both and more. Start up is a breeze and maintaining the could not be easier. A great saw at. Great price. November 8, 2012
I really like this saw I've had this saw for two years now and really like it. No, I love it. Easiest starting 2 stroke motor I've ever encountered. Runs great and has enough grunt to easily deal with 99 percent of what I cut. I like it much, much better than my old ms 290. I initially fell into the pitfalls of the outboard clutch vs the inboard on my old Stihls. Read the owners manual , do what it says, and you shouldn't have those problems or any others. The chain tensioner works great and the single bar nut works just fine. Great anti-vibe. Sips fuel , cut up 5 small pickup loads of red oak with only two tanks of fuel. Seems like I never need to clean the air filter. I prefer the standard kerf powermatch bar with a chisel chain to the narrow kerf bc combo that it comes with. October 28, 2012
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