2 Stroke engine oil 50:1

Our best formulation to date is the “ XP® Professional Performance” 2-cycle lubricant. It is a synthetic blend designed for tough, professional usage. * Handles high loads at tough professional usage *Excellent lubricating properties *Lowers engine operating temperature * Less coating on the piston and in crankcase * Extends the engine’s life * Provides longer service intervals * Low to medium smoke emission * Includes fuel stabilizer

• 2.6 oz. bottles - 1 gal. mix - 1 case


$ 2.96

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Product reviews for XP® Professional Peformance 2-Cycle Oil

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Clean burning oil I've used Husqvarna's XP synthetic blend oil for over 4 years and the engines I run it in have had no problems. There is no excess build-up of carbon evident on spark plugs or on the piston head as visible through the spark plug hole. I've seen what cheap generic-brand oils can do in regards to piston ring sticking and carbon build up; the buyers of those economy oils save nothing in the end by using them. I now always use only Husky's XP oil or an equivalent top name synthetic oil since I believe its worth a few extra pennies for longer engine life. October 21, 2013
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